Facebook Looking To Help (Or Hurt?) TV Ad Efforts

Stealing TV advertising dollars for other media? Oh, no. Everyone want to help marketers with their TV spending.  

Facebook says spending for ads on both TV and social media will help marketers.  A recent Nielsen study looking at seven recent campaigns showed that, compared to people who saw TV alone, people exposed to both TV and Facebook demonstrated a 3.2% increase in ad memorability, a 11.5% increase in brand linkage and a 22.7% and likeability linkage.

A bigger headline from Facebook was that across 42 U.S. campaigns, when TV and Facebook were combined, advertisers saw a 19% increase in targeted reach versus TV alone. And when millennials were the target audience, incremental reach increased to 37%.

Is that impressive? More importantly, what other media might show off similar results? Perhaps, for example, would buying TV and outdoor, or TV and search, improve marketing campaigns?



It is Advertising Week, after all.

Early on, digital media rebels could view TV as the enemy -- a hubris so pervasive perhaps many believed big marketers would just cave. But then came  problems with digital ads, including viewability, measurement, piracy, as well as scale issues. Hubris slipped away -- a bit.

Still, some $80 billion in advertising dollars per year is spent on television, with $8 billion expected to spent on digital video (according to the most optimistic of estimates).

With some questioning TV’s effectiveness, viewership erosion and a tangible shift by big TV media companies, now looking to less advertising-dependent revenue, new digital media companies will continue to take aim at the big prize.

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