• OTT-CTV Deals Vital To Local TV Ad Efforts
    The future of local TV station groups will depend, in part, on selling OTT video impressions -- on apps/platforms not always their own.
  • Could Sanders' Policies Help Roku?
    Wannabe billionaires might have difficulty finding a silver lining in Sanders' progressive-socialist economic agenda. Roku's modestly priced set-top-box/smart TV interface could break the stranglehold of the legacy TV-video distributors.
  • The Uber-ing Of TV Entertainment
    Streaming TV orders are getting shorter. Ten-episode seasons are often becoming three-to-six part series, leaving advertisers and writers uneasy.
  • Could 'Monday Night Football' Return To ABC?
    Soon, the NFL will start high-profile -- and to some -- tense negotiations for a new round of multi-year TV-media network deals.
  • Russian-Backed Ads Are Back In 2020 - Will Facebook, TV Buy In?
    The Russians are coming again... to U.S. media! All to help President Trump win the presidency, again.
  • Debate Over Regional Sports Networks' Values Impacts Growth For Pay TV Providers
    With modern TV-video consumers looking to pair down their pay TV monthly bills to only necessary networks, RSNs might have a tougher time keeping decent scale going forward.
  • Bloomberg's TV Spots Promote Competence, Obama Association
    A recent TV commercial talks up the efforts of both men to combat gun violence and improve young children's education.
  • The Astros Cheated In The 2017 World Series. Will It Impact TV Sponsorships?
    The Astros, who won the World Series in 2017, have been caught stealing pitching signs from their opponents, using a video camera in their home games that year and in parts of 2018.
  • More Legacy TV Cord Cutting To Come
    Roku says half all U.S. homes will be cord cutters or cord-nevers by 2024. That would be around 60 million homes -- a bold prediction.
  • Sports All Star-Pro Bowl Games: Show Us The Entertainment
    To keep fans interested, professional sports is kicking up the action and the events.
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