• Digital Gives TV Networks A Viewing Boost - But Where's The Money?
    TV companies can be fuzzy when it comes to monetization of their premium video -- in terms of advertising and affiliate revenue. After all, there is ample competition to gain big marketplace share.
  • Set Your TV To Rerun: Viacom, CBS In Merger Talks - Again
    All traditional TV networks have little choice, especially about getting into the digital OTT game quickly. But more importantly, they need scale.
  • Netflix's Future Marketing Plans Just Got More Complicated
    What's the marketing message in the future for Netflix? It's about to go head to head with big competitors including Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia and perhaps Apple TV.
  • A Bigger, All-Encompassing Apple TV - But At What Price?
    Apple wants to be an TV aggregator of all popular TV video platforms. In this complex TV-video world, isn't that what we really want?
  • Study: More TV Advertising Can Mean More Dissatisfaction
    The Centre for Economic Policy Research analyzed ad spending in 27 European nations and found that as it increased, life satisfaction went down or increased less than what was expected.
  • Amazon Might Nix 'Unproductive' Ads, TV May Not Have That Luxury
    TV networks do turn down advertising for pricing reasons and content concerns. But not because the TV network isn't making money on the actual selling of marketers products/services.
  • Netflix Releases Some Viewing Data, But CEO Dismisses Its Value
    Is Netflix releasing more viewing data on specific programs? Yes, says Reed Hastings, chairman-CEO of the company. But only to a point.
  • TV Checks Content, Why Not Social Media?
    TV stations don't let people come in and film their own live programming without oversight. Conversely, there is virtually no curation, editing or oversight prior to social media publication.
  • Apple May Emulate Netflix And Refuse Ad-Supported Content
    Reports say Apple's forthcoming product will offer access to original content and other SVOD services. But no ad-supported content will air.
  • Push To Give TV Commercials Content Ratings
    Some legislators and other public interest groups want to push the FCC to review the onscreen TV content ratings system -- including possible ratings for TV advertising content.
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