• Prognosis For TV's Upfront: Not Dead, Just Lounging, In Semi-retirement
    Is the upfront dead? Some would believe it took a fatal shot this winter and spring with the coming new digital platforms.
  • NBC's Upfront Strategy
    NBC Universal Television Group CEO's Jeff Zucker isn't going to chase press releases--which is a hard habit in the TV business to kick. But in the new world of digital TV, that is probably a good approach. It sends out a rare message for TV executives: less is more on NBC.
  • Digital TV Shuffle: Stations Don't Want To Get 'Lost'
    Give away free TV programs and get more traditional TV viewers in return? In this new digital world, that's an eye-opening and perhaps hard-to-swallow argument if you are a station owner.
  • Organic Branded Entertainment: More Sweet 'N Low, Please
    When it comes to branded entertainment it doesn't really matter whether something is organic or inorganic. The only real question is: Will a show get great ratings because of its association with quality hair color?
  • Versus Anything Else, Media Needs Good Names
    A media destination's name is something more than just the letters of the alphabet. Come this September, OLN will do what everyone already thought was sort of necessary: change its name, to Versus.
  • Local TV Stations Urged To Create More Internet-Related Business
    Advertising revenue from local TV stations' Internet businesses is just a drop in a bucket--but that sound is now more than twice that of a year before.
  • NBC Universal And Affiliates Start Broadband Venture Without Stutter: NBBC
    NBC Universal is looking to build a house. But it is in no rush: NBC is first just surveying the land....
  • Hallmark Channel Needs Some Company
    Tarnish on the crown: Hallmark is back to more polishing....
  • ESPN's 'Bonds On Bonds' Plays Ball With Journalism
    For ESPN's reality series "Bonds on Bonds," the problem comes because the show is not quite a documentary, and not a fictionalized entertainment show. It's just in between enough to drive viewers and business reporters crazy.
  • The Mysteries Of A Network TV Show On 'Hiatus'
    Forget about "American Idol," Sumner Redstone and why some New York Post reporter was allegedly looking to bilk $220,000 from some grocery billionaire. Someone can't figure out why CBS dropped "Love Monkey" and let its now divorced--make that distant--relative, network VH1, pick it up. Apparently, VH1 doesn't know why either.
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