• Product Placement Dealing: Try To Keep Your Hands In Your Pockets
    Paying for product placement? Sucker. Paying millions for product placement? Massive sucker.
  • Network Program Stability Means Boring--But Sometimes, Buys
    Crunch time is here for a number of on-the-bubble network TV shows--as the networks ready their schedules for the 2006-2007 season. But don't worry. All your favorite networks will tell you how stable things are.
  • VOD's Trojan Horse Plan: Get Viewers In Free, Charge Program Fees Later
    It wasn't too long ago that cable TV executives regularly talked about traditional video-on-demand services as being the Holy Grail. Instead, for consumers, it might just be a holy Trojan horse.
  • Disney ABC Television Goes Free--But Where's The Marketing?
    This May sweeps for local TV stations could be swept under the rug in response to Disney-ABC Television Group's announcement that it will run free prime-time shows on the Internet.
  • NCTA Convention Brings Reruns Of TV Theories
    Starting any TV convention should start like a good TV business story: with a witty twist of a new lead. But from the cable industry's big annual convention this year, this is what we get instead: "Consumers armed with DVRs and access to VOD are able to watch exactly what they want."
  • Mark Burnett Focuses On The Reality of Filmmakers
    Ready for your close-up, Mark Burnett. You better be. You finally hit big heights in convincing the entertainment icon Steven Spielberg to back the next alteration of your TV reality format: a contest among wannabe filmmakers.
  • Katie Couric's Got A Secret: It Doesn't Matter Who Knew She Was Going To CBS
    For CBS it has been the best of secrets--and the worst of secrets.
  • Do Networks That Buy Big Talent Get Big Ratings?
    Track the ratings when a network grabs big-name programming events or hires a big-name personality.
  • CBS' Possible Take On Couric's Smile, And Perhaps A Happier Upfront
    Katie Couric going to CBS? Who's to blame? That's actually a two-part question.
  • Transference: Psyching Out Consumers For TV's New Marketing Platforms
    Last year TV and marketers talked about consumers involved with brands under the term called "engagement." Now, the discussion has moved on to "transference." What's next? A wedding?
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