• Netflix Hungry For Best Picture Oscar
    Netflix is moving past "Roma." A Martin Scorsese mob drama called "The Irishman" may be in the running, as an Netflix-produced movie, with possible Oscar nominations in 2020.
  • TV Stations Hope For More Digital Revenues, Await ATSC 3.0
    The growth of new digital products such as Compulse OTT -- a DMP for OTT inventory on over 100 TV networks/platforms -- adds to the ad pool.
  • Oscars' Potential Problems Proved Overblown
    Except for film critics' after-show complaints about Best Picture of the year award, there was little on-screen controversy. Everyone was on their best behavior. Complaints on social media about the TV event itself? Few.
  • Pay TV Services: Cord-Cutting Data Isn't Cutting It
    Adding in all current U.S. pay TV businesses -- traditional and virtual growth -- the numbers are slowing down. There was a 1% decline in all U.S. pay TV services in 2018.
  • Zion Williamson's Nike Shoes Failed. Who's Paying Now?
    Maybe there is an opportunity here for Nike. Look for it to improve quality. Nike will no doubt tell us about it in an entertaining way, in a series of iconic TV commercials.
  • The Oscar Viewers Watch For The Show - And The Ads
    Search for both Oscar advertising and content was nearly three times more than other big first-quarter TV events.
  • Will Walmart Mimic Amazon - Selling Ads, Boosting More Video Platforms?
    Amazon may have a strong 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers. But Walmart? It gets 300 million in-store consumers a month, according to Forrester Research.
  • Diller: Netflix Won The TV Game
    Netflix is way ahead of rival entertainment concerns -- especially now with 60 million U.S. subscribers -- when it comes direct-to-consumer (DTC) home video
  • Who Needs A Big Ad Campaign? The Chatterbox-In-Chief
    Trump's public speaking -- the rallies, the interviews with some networks -- is having middling effect. Marketing execs would say telling the flock "finish the wall" is a big reach in the credibility department.
  • Media And Consumer Reviews: Will TV Networks Take The Hint?
    Consumer reviews mean more consumer engagement -- and are a lure for advertisers. Perhaps TV networks could consider this.
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