• Ho-hum: Another TV Blackout Battle With A Pay TV Provider
    TV carriage issues, including blackouts, continue to plague the business. But is all this news fading?
  • For TV, Media Trade Groups, Growth Means Expanding Into Competing Areas
    There is a certain level of "melding" between many marketing areas -- for example, among small-screen TV and big-screen theatrical practices, says Steve Kazanjian, president/chief executive officer of Promax.
  • Media, Advertising Future: AT&T, Amazon and NBCU Big Consumer Data Bets
    Despite media content bumps on the road, advertising will still be a big deal. Recent moves at the likes of AT&T, Amazon and NBCUniversal might show us that.
  • For Super Bowl, Live Sports, More On-Air Promos For TV Entertainment Programming
    The biggest beneficiary of messaging during the game was CBS itself. Its efforts are part of a growing trend for network promo time during the big game.
  • Do Future TV Consumers Want 'Nuance' In Pay TV -- Or To Be Hit Over The Head?
    In a world of cord-cutting and ever-expanding OTT platforms, consumers may want the "nuanced" approach -- building their own virtual pay TV portal.
  • Cross-Platform Measurements Continue To Hit Obstacles
    Nielsen and other third-party measurement companies have had a tough time accounting for all digital TV messaging -- when it comes to installing software onto OTT platforms.
  • Netflix Claims 40M Viewers For 'You,' Rivals Dispute The Figure
    Whatever the process, there is a need to have third-party metrics in addition to other first-party data -- whether panel-based, census-based or otherwise.
  • CW Drops In Prime-Time Viewers, Seeks Uniform Metrics
    Mark Pedowitz, president of the CW, said all CW viewing impressions -- on various platforms -- are looking up this season. TV only is another story.
  • Super Bowl Still Commands Big Numbers, But Ad Engagement May Be Slipping
    According to some measures, the Super Bowl viewing has been flat, or slightly down, in recent years, leaving out streaming for the moment. One survey found a majority of respondents too drunk to remember the ads.
  • Marketing New TV Shows: Find Your Best 2-Program Pitch
    CBS' new drama 'The Red Line' was billed by its executive producer as 'Parenthood' meets "The Wire." That pitch may be key to attracting viewers.
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