• Networks' Affiliate Revenue Keeps Growing: But What Happens In Five, Ten Years?
    Big media companies that control TV networks will continue to be strong for the next half a decade -- thanks to affiliate revenue. But what happens then?
  • What New Devices Can Help UGC Grow?
    Your average-citizen content producers need to check their tools these days. Are GoPro cameras/technology enough? How about Apple products? Are newer smartphones of better help? Contents producer may already have plenty.
  • Upfront As A 'Futures' Market? Wall Street May Not Be Seeing It
    The upfront marketplace has started up -- but you might be hard pressed to find any influence on Wall Street. In the old days of strong TV upfront marketplaces, some Wall Street reaction to big advertising dollars "moving" would occur. For example, strong upfront pricing/volume could result in stock market price gains. Thursday was the first real indication in the press the marketplace has started up. But Wall Street wasn't really responding.
  • Some Global Viewers Still Speeding Illegally In Fast Lane
    While marketers increasingly take a measured approach in making season-long ad deals -- the slow-moving upfront market, of course -- TV viewers still want access to be all about speed. That's where piracy comes in. Worldwide TV piracy continues to be a big deal -- especially when "Game of Thrones" remains the most-pirated show, according to a number of sources.
  • Networks Rebranding -- And Competing For More Young Adult Viewers
    Viacom's TV Land is another in a series of somewhat sleepy but established cable TV channels that are rebranding -- morphing to the needs of their key viewers with better marketing awareness.
  • Does TV Need A 'Swift-Like' Champion For Independent Networks/Producers?
    Can TV networks/producers learn anything from Apple's immediate reversal of its plan not to pay any royalties to musicians when users signed up for free three-month trial of its new streaming music service? Maybe it's about finding one's own "champion."
  • Paying For Individual TV Programs: Can The Super Bowl Be Far Behind?
    Apparently traditional TV, time-shifted TV, and over-the-top (OTT) services aren't enough: People will pay additionally for single TV movies/programs/sports events -- presumably either ad-free or with limited advertising.
  • Summer TV Shows, Lower Ratings: Where Can We Go From Here?
    Summer TV is officially here -- now that the NBA Finals and HBO's "Game of Thrones" season finale is over with. With that in mind, harder questions continued to be asked: Can anything come of the new summer cable and broadcast shows?
  • Soaring NBA Finals For ABC: How Can A Network Get The Most Out Of A Big Sporting Event?
    ABC grabbed great fortune with the entertaining NBA Finals: intense drama around high-profile players, overall closely fought games, and soaring TV ratings. But is that enough?
  • Trump's Presidential Hopes -- And His On-And-Off-Again TV Show
    Donald Trump will try and run for president. Should he be running away from his appearances on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" and Fox's "Fox and Friends"?
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