• Major League Baseball's Not-Ready-For-National-Pastime TV Play
    Now Major League Baseball is trying to convince cable operators it needs a network totally devoted to baseball. It might as well be asking cable operators if they want some used batter's box line chalk.
  • The 'Masters' of Their Own Domain: Augusta Dictates Terms to CBS, Advertisers, Women Too
    The Masters Golf Tournament is swinging with its own fat, open pocketbook - money flying in all directions.
  • MSNBC: Must Wait-And-See-TV
    Microsoft and NBC need to reboot MSNBC. Or else, Microsoft needs to put on its boots and walk.
  • Variety Runs With The Cable Fable, The Reporter Proves More Able
    We're not getting the full TV picture, and you can finger cable TV spinmeisters for this.
  • The Real Story On 'Real World'
    The original reality show -- with the original reality show name -- is coming back. But some news organizations don't think it's real enough.
  • TV Trades Should Do Like The Networks They Cover Do: Counter-Program
    TV networks counter-program each other, and TV business journalists who cover the beat should do the same thing.
  • And the Winner in the Raciest New Celebrity Improvisation Is...
    The MTV "Video Music Awards" are upon us - and that can mean only one thing - a new-and-improved lesbian kiss, or perhaps the showing of Janet Jackson's other breast. But the main question is: will advertisers pay less for these ho-hum programming elements?
  • Manic Depression And Media Impressions
    If you have your health, you have everything and -- if lucky -- your spry self will give way to good TV ratings.
  • Pugilism or Just Plagiarism? Odds Are Madison Avenue Will Win This Bout
    Fox is looking to knockout NBC as the next great champ in TV.
  • Listening For The Sound Of One Hand Clapping... In An Athens Arena
    Can't find the big Olympic crowds in Athens stadiums? Don't feel the TV drama of the games? I say good-riddance. NBC may think so as well.
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