• Trio Undergoes Triage
    It's a total horror show - or network - at NBC Universal Cable. That consideration actually stems from the problem child - what to do with Trio, the quirky 20 million subscriber cable network NBC inherited in the Universal Studios deal.
  • Time Magazine Probes Branded TV Entertainment, Finds Mostly Entertainment
    ABC's mild summer success of "The Days," a drama about a dual-income couple raising three kids, has proven branded entertainment is still almost always about entertainment - not about hawking a Craftsman wrench.
  • Jumanji, Is The Late Night Game Over For CBS?
    "Jumanji!" is what Craig Kilborn's former persona at ESPN would have howled at the thought of any sane person leaving a plum network job hosting a late night show. After five years following "Late Show with David Letterman," Kilborn is calling it enough for "The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn," and says he now wants to produce and write TV shows.
  • Faced With A Greek Olympics, CBS Rewrites The Roman Calendar
    Taking network bickering to new pole-vaulting heights, CBS, in an effort to steal NBC's thunder, has declared in a semi-mockingly press release, that it cut the summer season short ending today, declaring itself the winner in all viewing categories.
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