• If Sports TV Holds Pay TV Biz Together, What Happens When Ads, Viewers Decline?
    Ratings decreases are real. Analysts believe it is due to the lack of excitement -- that is, in-stadium fan excitement.
  • Trump Needs More Ad Money To Compete
    What's his alternative beyond airport rallies? Maybe he could self-finance, which he promised in 2016, before reneging.
  • The Answer To Annoying Digital Video Ads: Run More
    Perhaps digital ads are not that annoying, just small in stature. Running on TV gets them big-screen approval -- a minor-league phenom making it to the big leagues.
  • TV Upfront Disruption To Come: P&G Says Enough FOMO
    P&G, among the biggest TV advertisers, wants to switch gears: possibly no upfront deal-making or at least more flexible upfront deals.
  • Presidential Debates, Sports Take Center Stage This Fall
    Early projections show the debates could see substantial viewership, especially with the dearth of new programming.
  • Discovery+ App Joins The Streaming World, But Direct-To-Consumer Still Iffy
    Discovery+ has analysts saying it's essentially a service targeted to cord-cutters.
  • Is Trump's 'Patriotic Education' Move Really About A New TV Network?
    Analysts believe Trump's move is largely political -- a reaction to a growing push by some academics to teach American history in a way that better acknowledges slavery.
  • Cutting Down On Cord-Cutting? Charter's Spectrum Might Have The Answer
    CEO Tom Rutledge attributed the company's video growth to the strength of Spectrum's other major service -- broadband -- and packaging the two.
  • Past Billion-Dollar Deals Raise Big Questions Now
    How do you convince cable TV networks to let a competitor's ad platform unit -- sister company to Turner cable networks -- sell its inventory?
  • Ad-Supported HBO Max Is Coming, But How Many Ads?
    A potential ad-supported HBO Max would probably have a two-pronged approach, to satisfy both consumers and marketers.
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