• Linear TV Grows Without Sports, Netflix Also Higher
    Nielsen says the streaming share of TV viewing is now at 24% -- up from a 15% share a year ago.
  • Are Deep Fake Ads Coming To Traditional TV?
    Consider State Farm's ad, via ESPN, about the 1988 Chicago Bulls season.
  • Where Does AT&T Go From Here?
    History is littered with troubled deals of horizontal expansion from one's existing businesses. Start with Time Warner buying AOL over two decades ago.
  • What Does TV Advertising Look Like After COVID-19?
    In the U.S., we are beginning to see hints of slowing TV usage -- flattening of the curve of sorts. No, things haven't dipped back to historical trends. It just a stoppage of the growth in total day TV use, per Nielsen.
  • NFL Draft Programming Provides Window Into The Health Of TV Sports
    The NFL -- perhaps versus other sports -- will probably make a strong attempt to play games with players on the field this season, all being tested regularly, playing in virtually empty stadiums.
  • Future Media: Sports, TV Could Occupy A Test-Filled Live Entertainment World
    Major League Baseball may play before the cameras in Arizona and Florida vs. live fans in stadium seats.
  • TV Usage Is Up, So Is Pirated Content
    Rising downloads of pirated content may be because at-home employees are free of workplace constraints.
  • Barry Diller On Trump: 'The Infomercial Administration Ends In November'
    The Trump press briefings seem to push fiction rather than facts. Perhaps they should come with an infomercial disclaimer.
  • Upfront TV Shifts Could Mean A Stronger Scatter Market, Disruptive Pricing
    The upfront market for next year's TV season may see just 30% to 50% of inventory sold on TV networks -- but subsequent scatter dollar volume going higher in deal-making could stem TV ad sales declines.
  • Is Rising 'Blacklisting' Hurting TV News Networks?
    Some TV advertisers don't want their messages running near COVID-19 news stories.
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