• Disney+ Moves Ahead, But The Real Marketing Plan Is The Price
    UBS estimates Disney+ is trending ahead of company internal initial forecasts of 20 million to 30 million U.S. subscribers by 2024.
  • Sanders Wants To Protect 'Real Journalism,' Curb Targeted Advertising
    Is Bernie Sanders helping the news business? For now, no one is exactly sure what those added protections would entail.
  • Regional Sports Networks Take Subscriber Loss Hits
    Our eyes were opened when looking at MSG Networks in New York.
  • Will 2020 Prove A Big Year For Media, Ad Growth Or Just Wild Gyrations?
    There is fear that a probable U.S. economic recession is coming. TV innovation may be impacted.
  • Sharing TV, Movie Assets Is A Growing Problem For Media Companies
    The growth and dominance of Netflix is now an issue - especially considering the success of 'The Office' and 'Friends.'
  • Local TV News Quandary: How To Broaden Viewer Reach
    Young TV/media consumers still don't watch much local TV news, while older U.S. viewers still consume lots of it. Is there any hope for this dynamic changing?
  • What Is Apple's Brand Value As A TV Producer?
    Apple TV is launching an original show in November. "The Morning Show" mirrors NBC's "Today" show host Matt Lauer and allegations of sexual harassment. For the company, this is the final frontier: premium TV entertainment.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting Sells 'News' Of New Trump Hat
    There was no disclaimer here. It sure seems like part of a media campaign for Trump's 2020 re-election.
  • How TV News Advertisers Cope With Controversial Topics, Hosts
    Marketers such as Fidelity Investments and others are insisting their ads do not appear near articles or videos that contain any of a long list of words, such as "bombs," "immigration," "racism" and "Trump."
  • Trump's Scoop: TV News Networks Are Responsible For Crashing Economy!
    The truth is, economies around the world are suffering - China, the U.K. and more recently, Germany. Historically, U.S recessions happen every eight-to-12 years. We are now around nine to 10 years since the last one ended.
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