What Is Apple's Brand Value As A TV Producer?

Apple TV+ is coming — in price, talent and perhaps higher expectations.

Virtually on the same day of news of its November fall launch — as well its initial $9.99 price tag — we have what consumers and business executives have really wanted: some original TV programming content.

A trailer of "The Morning Show," a sort of real-life story that mirrors NBC's "Today" show host Matt Lauer and allegations of sexual harassment, is out. And it boasts some big-time talent: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

Additionally, the show comes from veteran TV and movie director Mimi Leder. The initial trailer has an HBO's “Newsroom” feel to it. That show, from the veteran TV writer Aaron Sorkin, was well-received in reviews. Now, all the Apple TV+ show needs is an audience.

For Apple, a company moving more toward “service” business revenues — with Apple Music and other businesses — this is the final frontier: premium TV entertainment.



Though not on the level yet of veteran TV-movie content companies — Walt Disney, WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal — it already has a lot of favorable, high-brand awareness of its products and services.

The good and bad news is that Apple’s failures are few and far between. So how will consumers react, now that Apple has entered a different and fickle industry where failure happens and major rejection can be commonplace?

Analysts could point to Netflix when it first started producing original programming as perhaps a reference point. Where were its failures? Perhaps not an easy question to answer. This is a vague area.

We don’t exactly know because Netflix rarely offers any TV consumer viewing information of its TV shows or movies. That said, Netflix could point to many favorable, positive reviews — as well as nominations for industry awards — of its original content.

Some of this mind-set may be similar to Amazon or Hulu for its original TV shows. But these companies may have had different qualitative expectations, with their respective brand status not completely set in stone.

This might not be the same for Apple and its demanding loyal customers.

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