• Is Facebook Similar To The Big 3 TV Networks In The 1960s?
    Major digital media players are steeling themselves for the regulation that is almost certainly coming -- in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Dramatic TV Footage Is Needed To Move Viewers On Health, Political Fronts
    Dramatic visuals help translate off-air stories, information and data into deeper emotional connections -- for TV viewers and TV news advertisers.
  • COVID-19 Isn't Easy To Contain: TV Industry Is In For A Bumpy Ride
    COVID-19 doesn't care about your upfront market client issues or whether businesses are reinforcing protection against the virus' spread. What we need is more data and more testing.
  • Amazon Wants To Expand Its Entertainment Options
    The biggest U.S. ecommerce retailer is going to live, linear TV. Yep. Back to the future -- or maybe just the present.
  • Trump Show May Be Nearing Cancellation
    How will we know if the Trump TV show is coming to a close? Ratings are down? Viewer engagement is lower? No one is developing a spin-off?
  • Is The Legacy, Traditional Pay TV Bundle Dead?
    Cable networks are asking consumers to spend $100 a month for 200 to 300 channels. Streaming services are offering a lot for much less.
  • Legacy Media Cos. Avoid Buying Video-Game Businesses
    Legacy TV/movie businesses may have fears about the brand safety of content.
  • Facebook Lets Users Opt Out Of Political Messages. Should TV?
    Social media has options that TV doesn't - especially when political ads fill local TV coffers.
  • NBC Holds Another Virtual Upfront Event, Boosted By '30 Rock' Cast
    NBC calls it a special upfront event. This presentation will run July 16, ad-free on NBC.
  • Local TV Ad Revenues Estimated To Fall In 2020, 2021
    COVID-19 and the loss of the Olympics has caused major ad disruptions -- but record presidential election advertising is expected to keep losses to a minimum.
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