• HBO Weeds Out Brand Name Extensions
    Brand extensions have always sounded like a great marketing tool. But if you can't distinguish between variations on the theme, you're probably causing viewer fatigue.
  • Theatrical Movie Releases Face A Tough Future
    MoffettNathanson Research projects this year that movie attendance numbers will drop to 600 million. But that future years will see drops, as well.
  • Will New Pay TV Distributors Face Content Problems?
    Roku won't drop OANN, which has been peddling conspiracy theories. Previously, the company did drop 'InfoWars,' due to controversial news stories.
  • Sports TV Imagery To Change, Impacted By Off-Field Social Unrest
    Wondering how many more pro sport players will be taking a knee when various leagues start next month?
  • Once Normality Returns, Why Not Have Audiences For TV News?
    We need live, in-studio audiences for all kinds of evening news stories -- general, business, sports and weather.
  • What Ratings Data Will Legacy TV-Movie Companies Tout For Streaming Efforts?
    If more theatrical movies shift to premium streamers from in-theater showing, it could change (or stunt) almost everything: profitability, marketing and consumer usage.
  • Is It Too Late For Google To Compete With Roku, Amazon For Connected TV?
    Google has been slow to get into the set-top box/or smart TV platform providing programming apps, letting others dominate the business.
  • Brands Get Unintended Visibility During Pandemic, Protest Coverage
    Product placement may be taking on a whole new role.
  • Fans Will Be Absent When Professional Sports Return, But Which Advertisers Will Show Up?
    The major leagues -- NBA, NFL, MBL and NHL -- are looking at Walt Disney's World Resort for regular and playoff games this fall.
  • HBO Max Is Not A Game Changer
    HBO Max's marketing message is confusing to consumers. It's also pricey - $15 a month.
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