• How Many Ad Share Partnerships Do Big Media Companies Need?
    AMC-Universal's new deal about movies and streaming may shake up old financial models. It is a modern approach to TV and movie deal-making.
  • Streamers Grab Emmy Nominations, Netflix Nabs 160
    What's the marketing value of award hardware in a growing industry of more D2C platforms? The answer is: Take whatever you can get.
  • COVID-19 Disruption Makes TV Creativity A Necessity
    Will sports TV resort to an audio track, much like sitcom rely on a laugh track?
  • Baseball Gets Big Opening Numbers, Then Drops The Ball
    On Monday, it was revealed that 14 Miami Marlins players and coaches have been infected with COVID-19. Over the weekend, the Miami team played a 3-game series with the Phillies, and infections could have been transmitted to them.
  • No Local Ad Tax In D.C., But Will Media Be Spared Long-Term?
    Cities have some tough decisions to make as municipal economies pull in less revenue.
  • Sports May Have To Carry Fall TV
    Major League Baseball returned last night to TV screens -- but how much will it and other sports mean for TV this fall? TV ratings for baseball and other sports will be eyed closely. More than a number of reports suggest national/local TV advertising for Major League Baseball has been sold well as it enters a modified 60-game shortened season.  All this is drastically down from a regular 162-game season. So the end result will be far lower advertising revenues this year. Still, we imagine unit pricing/cost per thousand viewers have seen a sharp rise …
  • Will Fans Start Betting On Athletes' Biometrics During A Televised Game?
    With major sports leagues set to return to TV, new content will be considered, such as how many times an athlete's heart beats per minute.
  • Google Promises To Exclude Fitbit Data From Ads
    But that would go against history. Google is all about the data.
  • '30 Rock: One Time Special' Uncomfortable To Watch
    What were those non-upfront-related viewers thinking as the cast shilled, incessantly, for NBCU?
  • Netflix Reports Huge Viewership, But The Metrics Are Iffy
    The streamer claims "Extraction" got an eye-opening 99 million "accounts" watching. We're guessing it's not a Nielsen measurement.
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