• More Retrans Money Flows To TV Stations -- Is OTT Next Big Revenue Bonanza?
    TV station groups can take heart in the knowledge that -- in the near term, anyway -- retransmission revenues will continue to rise sharply. But is this offering up a false sense of security?
  • Cable News Network Viewership Up, Not Surprising For Election Year
    Through a six-month period, Fox says it is having the highest year ever in viewership -- averaging 2.2 million prime time. No doubt CNN and MSNBC results in this big election year mean strong claims for those networks as well. But this doesn't really say much about voters issues and concerns.
  • What Can U.S. Media Owners Learn From Brexit?
    Soon after the Brexit vote -- and subsequent U.S. media stock market declines -- those with particularly strong European interests voiced some concerns.
  • How Much Of Media Is Really Copycat These Days?
    Led Zeppelin did not steal the beginning riff of "Stairway to Heaven," a jury says -- but copycat media will continue to go on. Don't worry; this story has a happy ending. Music historians have noted that musical themes have been borrowed, modified, or yes, even stolen, for centuries. In a much shorter business life span, TV, movies, and other media have not been immune to this activity, either.
  • More TV Cameras Everywhere: Will Consumers Need To Be Their Own TV Editors/Producers?
    During the recent impromptu sit-in by House legislators, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, decided to adjourn the House and shut down C-Span network cameras. But that didn't stop the broadcast -- not when everyone had a TV distribution platform in their pocket.
  • Big Data Helping To Produce Better Shows And Ads?
    The art of casting seems to be an increasing crucial element in producing shows or commercials. Enter Big Data for help with this process.
  • Netflix: Cracking Open Data Doors To Some Of Its Viewers?
    Netflix could opening its data door a crack, letting TV producers and TV business executives see how consumers are using its service. Is this because of oncoming pressure from the likes of Nielsen to offer up Netflix viewing research?
  • Trump Earns Media: Will He Then Create It, With Own Cable News Network?
    Some $3 billion in "earned media" for Donald Trump has been the big news. But what if the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate went one better and started his own cable TV news channel?
  • Mulling A New CBS/Viacom Company: What Would Make It Work?
    For many, the tussle over Viacom seems self-contained between Viacom senior executives/directors and National Amusements, its controlling shareholder. But now one analyst believes, more than ever, CBS needs to be pulled into the picture -- as buyer.
  • OTT Alliance Of Small-To-Mid-Sized Companies Looking For Big-Boy FCC Benefits
    Do over-the-top digital platforms and TV providers, especially small to medium-sized companies, need FCC protection? Telletopia Foundation, a nonprofit online video service provider, has formed the TV Neutrality Alliance for OTT service providers and broadcasters to promote "innovation and competition in the distribution of multichannel video programming."
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