• A Safe Bet: TV Networks Gain With Legalized Sports Gambling
    Eight states have legalized sports betting so far -- including New Jersey, Delaware, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississippi and Nevada. New York and Arkansas recently passed bills.
  • Release Of The Mueller Report Gets Ratings Bump
    AG William Barr held a press conference on April 18, offering a vigorous presidential defense, followed by news analysis. This totaled some 11 million Nielsen viewers, across all networks on the day.
  • OTT Worries: Writers Want More Money, Control
    The Writers Guild of America has recommended that its 9,000 writers with agents fire them. Many have done so.
  • Networks Find Younger TV Viewers In Traditional, Streaming Venues
    While CBS may have an average viewer median age of 60 on its linear TV network, the same shows on OTT platforms yield audiences in the mid-40s.
  • Mueller Report Challenges TV Ad Creatives - And Fox News
    Republicans for the Rule of Law says it is a group of lifelong Republicans dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic.
  • Disruptive Media World Plays Havoc With Industry Stocks
    Digital companies are doing better than traditional media in the financial arena.
  • Disney+ Streaming Faces Distribution Challenges
    While there is some euphoria over Walt Disney's new streaming service, there are also concerns about its sinking TV networks' distribution business.
  • Is Trump Coverage Just An Extended Infomercial?
    The President and former presidential candidate always has media and marketing on his mind -- far more than other officeholders.
  • HBO's 'Thrones' Underscores Power Of Live Viewing
    "Game of Thrones" pulled in a solid Nielsen 17.5 million in total viewers, according to the premium cable TV network, with plenty of marketing and social media spin.
  • Supreme Court Ruling On Profanity Could Impact Traditional TV
    Some feel the Supreme Court -- in theory -- could be moving to a broader view, choosing not to "exclude such vulgar material from other limited public forums." A trademark ruling may bring media challenges, as well.
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