• TV Upfront Ad Market Is In Redux
    Why does the upfront continue, especially when overall revenue results are virtually flat year-to-year?
  • Disney Reimagines The Pay TV Bundle
    The company will be offering a "bundle" of its own -- one that contains a much bigger swath of programming, including all its digital platforms: Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Disney CEO Bob Iger promises easy access to all services.
  • Maybe The Media Disruption Show Should Be Canceled
    Contributing to all this disruption -- especially in the premium content areas -- are new premium streaming platforms, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others.
  • Cord-Nevers Decide Pay TV Works For Them
    Some consumers who have never had a traditional cable, satellite or a telco package -- so-called "cord-nevers"-- are now thinking about buying one. They are moved by one major reason.
  • XFL Looks For Win Against NFL
    Who could blame the upstart Alliance of American Football for wanting to have a go as a spring football league -- given the NFL's fall-season dominance?
  • Political Advertising's Bigger Concern: Truth Of Video Or Images?
    As the presidential election season ramps up late this year and next, one can only imagine political advertising -- plagued in 2016 by Russian interference -- will comprise a different mix.
  • Amazon, Maxwell House Team For Mrs. Maisel's Haggadah
    The two companies are turning the Passover Seder into a brand-marketing bonanza targeting American Jews.
  • The Gamble: Moving Mid-Size Movies To OTT
    Attendance for non-blockbuster movies may change as more content becomes available on the upcoming streaming services.
  • Will Viewers Be Paid To Watch Video Ads?
    Networks consider how to get consumers more engaged in timely, relevant messaging. OK. But define relevant -- and then define timely.
  • Hulu Tweaks Advertising Loads
    Hulu said it is now limiting individual commercial breaks to 90 seconds. Commercial breaks had been 180 to 240 seconds long. Earlier this year, Hulu decided to add "pause" breaks, which appear as a still, display-like translucent ad after a few seconds, following a user's video pause.
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