• Reality Bites for CBS
    CBS won the first week of the season. But don't break out the champagne yet. Not for CBS or for its sister Viacom companies - there is still crime scene work to do.
  • Novellas: Next New Wave or Just Plain Ugly?
    Spanish-language TV novellas could be the next wave of low-cost high-rated programs - a trend started just a few years ago by reality television programs.
  • Putting the 'Late' in Late Night
    Jay Leno will depart in five years; Craig Kilborn has already left. Doesn't anyone like late-night hosting anymore?
  • Quick, Liquid And Agile, Marketers Look To Web For Post-TV Messaging
    Some national TV advertisers may be looking for an excuse to leave pricey broadcast network television programming - but that doesn't mean they are headed for new glamour media arenas such as branded entertainment and product integration.
  • Let's Talk About Sex, FCC
    Sex is one of the most misunderstood subjects on television by the Federal Communications Commission. Like the French sculptor Rodin, the agency may not be looking at the whole bust.
  • Measuring a Show's Success One Ad Dollar at a Time
    This season the entertainment press will look at the big-time, big-rated Thursday night network TV race -- which begins in earnest tonight -- in the currency of the adults 18 to 49 rating. Considering new realities however, it should consider using the other legal tender.
  • Where's the Scoop? And Who Got it First?
    When it comes to business entertainment, the stock market moves to its own rhyme and reason and reality show. Entertainment business editors obviously do the same.
  • Will 'Rathergate' Cost CBS Ad Dollars?
    CBS News - once the citadel of TV Network news - should be the last place in the world of journalism to take a dollar-and-cents point of view.
  • Is 'The Contender' Looking to Avoid A Ratings Beating?
    With Fox's "The Next Great Champ" off to a bad first couple of rounds, NBC's "The Contender" could be looking to keep its distance by debuting later in the season. But is that NBC's aim - or the producers' real desire?
  • Fashion Victim: Primetime Product Placement Deals
    Program alert: Fashionistas may be having trouble this season placing groovy new fashions on TV programs.
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