• Forget Hockey ESPN, Cycling Is All the Rage
    With the news that the NHL owners are locking out the players, and the threat of the season possibly being cancelled, press reporters wonder what ESPN is going to do while the sport is on ice.
  • Life Imitating Art, Imitating the Art of the Deal
    When it comes to TV marketing, have no fear - executives know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the over-marketing of Donald Trump.
  • O, What A Feeling. But Was Winfrey's GM Giveaway A Good Media Deal?
    "The Oprah Winfrey Show" now holds the record for the biggest product placement deal in a single episode - at least in terms of horsepower. But did General Motors get the gas mileage it needed?
  • With Reality Sinking, Reality May Sink in for Product Placement Deals
    Barely a week into the new season, and two big name reality shows (and all their product placements) are showing signs of heading to the back shelves.
  • Viacom's Not-So-Upfront
    Clink your glasses, grab the shrimp on ice, and see the good, bad, and ugly programming in a video tape presentation. Coming to a town near you, Viacom is producing local TV "upfront" presentations for spot TV buyers.
  • The Next Great Chump
    "The Next Great Champ" came out swinging - but didn't hit anything. On its first airing Tuesday, the show's ratings lacked, well, punch. As bad as that sounds it's actually good news for Fox.
  • As Far as TiVo Business Models Go, This One May Not Make Your Favorites List
    Don't look for the story of TiVo to be TiVoed anytime soon.
  • Madison In-Kind: Where's the Real Money in Product Placement
    With so much focus on product placement these days, I ask the simple question: Where is the real money?
  • A Programming Strategy That's 'Nothing' to Sneeze At
    "Seinfeld" may have been a half-hour show about nothing -- but now one cable network goes it one better. Or, should I say, one less.
  • Fox News' TV Ratings GOP Doesn't Do Much For Its Madison Avenue Revenue Gap
    Fox News may have deep-pocket Republican Convention viewers in its camp - but where is its pocket full of Benjamins?
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