• Upfront Deals May Not Be Sealed Until Q4
    TV networks are hoping for flat pricing. Attention is focused on the scatter market.
  • As Pro Sports Teams Protest, TV Advertisers May Start To Worry
    As teams take a stance on social-justice issues and players take a stance on health concerns, how will this impact TV networks' ad revenues?
  • Viewers Have Ad Choices: Opt In Or Opt Out
    TV networks want viewers to watch their ads. Viewers may have other ideas, turning to streamers.
  • Streaming Is Grabbing Bigger Slice Of Media Revenues
    Disney cracked the code: compelling content, a major brand name and, of course, a great price point.
  • Upfront Ad Market Awaits: Place Your TV Bets
    TV marketers understand ad pullbacks are common in periods like this. But no one wants to be off-air at the precise and unpredictable moment the marketplace takes a sharp turn higher.
  • Millions Are Earmarked For TV Political Ads - But Where?
    Given the question mark over new fall TV shows -- as well as the regular high viewing of regular-season NFL games -- the answer might be obvious. It isn't.
  • Verizon Finds A Way To Leverage Traditional Media In Streaming World
    It's better to become a key access point to premium streaming services -- but not with actual ownership.
  • Kids TV Viewing Lower On Legacy TV -- Even In A Pandemic
    Despite kids 2-11 spending far more time at home, they aren't watching more traditional TV, preferring the digital route.
  • Punt, Pass Or Block: What If The Biggest TV Show Of The Year Doesn't Have A Live Audience?
    In a pandemic, everything changes, including the ads, engagement and half-time show for the Super Bowl.
  • Fortnite Game Maker Thinks Like A TV Network Group
    Media and entertainment content providers are looking to break down legacy business deals that are deemed to have a stranglehold on their business.
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