• Trump's Fake News Awards - Should We Include His Tweets?
    With his digital media platform, the President does great work in creating more disruption, more circus. He's like a guy playing three-card Monte on the corner. He hovers over those bent playing cards and waits for the crowd's reaction.
  • Too Many Video Options? But Wait, There's More!
    Netflix expects to spend $8 billion this year on new TV/movie content; Amazon will spend about $4.5 billion. Hulu will be close to $3 billion, while Apple will shell out more than $1 billion.
  • Trump Wants To Change Libel Laws -- Let's Start At The Top
    There is no way Donald Trump can change the libel laws -- even if he got Congress on his side, according to experts. Libel laws are a state concern. Those laws govern the crime of publishing deliberately false statements about someone with the intent of damaging that person.
  • Are Nonprofits The Better Way To Air Local TV?
    A nonprofit group, Sports Fans Coalition, is launching locast.org - a mashup of "local" and "broadcast" - a New York broadcast TV station over-the-top streaming service. The catch? The group has no intention of compensating any of the 13 local TV stations.
  • Trump's Future Plans May Be TV
    According to reports, Trump expected to lose the election, then pursue a course in which he had enjoyed some success: tv. Is this his future strategy?
  • Health Club Forbids Cable News, Politics Too Controversial
    A major health-club chain based in Minneapolis -- Life Time Athletic -- has removed all national cable TV news channels from its TV screens, wanting a more family-friendly environment.
  • ABC May Gain Marketing Heft In Disney-Fox TV Deal
    Disney-ABC Television will have more resources -- especially with the added benefit of Fox's TV/movie production studio, among the biggest pieces of Disney's $52.4 billion purchase of Fox's assets.
  • TV Prices Expected To Rise
    Although many media/entertainment analysts say consumers will spend more of their paychecks on entertainment -- with newer inexpensive digital video platforms and free content available -- that is expected to change.
  • Fox Is 'Business As Usual' In Near Term
    "The network will continue to do entertainment programming," says Dana Walden, co-chair of Fox Television Group, speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif.
  • President Trump's Media Awards? Yo, Buddy, I Got Your Awards Right Here!
    The President wants to dole out some awards to his favorite industry -- but not the positive kind, of course. Wonder if TV advertisers would support a Trump award TV show bashing the media?
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