2 Retired NFL Quarterbacks Talk Medical Insurance In Ads, But Never Injuries

What better way to sell a medicare insurance plan than to have NFL quarterbacks -- especially those with their share of bumps, injuries and heavy medical attention -- touting services?

Joe Theismann and Joe Namath front TV content for and Medicare Coverage Helpline, respectively.

TV commercials featuring both have been airing for 18 months, targeting older consumers. TV spots have appears on general interest and business news channels, favorite places where you can find that demo.

In particular, older men -- who follow sports -- might connect the dots that both quarterback’s major leg/knee issues have been discussed and/or somewhat gruesomely revealed in real-time on the field.

The latter occurred to Theismann, who broke his fibula and tibia during a Washington/New York Giants game back in 1985 from a hard tackle by the Giants’ Lawrence Taylor. For his part, Namath has had multiple knee and leg surgeries and procedures.



More pointedly, you have other commercials, focusing on another issue prevalent among older males -- low testosterone. Major League Baseball’s Frank Thomas and NFL’s Doug Flutie can be found pushing a supplement to solve this problem.

Also, for sometime now, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has promoted Icy Hot topical analgesics.

O’Neal, Thomas and Flutie have had their share of injuries, just like many retired and current athletes. But that side of the equation is never really the focus.

For Namath and Theismann, all that hurt is part of their brands. One wonders if creative ad directors might have at least thought about adding some bruising NFL action. Quarterbacks getting sacked? That's a real-life connection.

For others, well, maybe that’s going too far. Not everyone’s need for Medicare comes from a sports injury.

Still, medical attention and protection is always important to have. Even if it’s off-screen, on the sidelines.

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