Fox Weather - Come Rain, Shine Or Climate Change?

Worry about news and politics, and its effect on all aspects of your day-to-day life -- including the weather.

Crazy temperatures? Fires everywhere? Nature doing its own thing -- or maybe humans taking it in another direction? We need weather news and forecasts.

Plenty of recent big news headlines of weather-related rain storms, droughts, nor’easters, hurricanes, and perhaps more dramatic, “bomb cyclones.” They worry, and yes, engage TV viewers.

A new weather channel would have a lot to ruminate over, such as Fox Weather.

According to App Annie, Fox Weather -- which just launched -- was the “Top Weather App on Apple IOS in the U.S. as of October 24.” Sounds pretty good because Fox Weather has, of course, plenty of longtime competition.

For its part, Fox Weather proclaims new exclusive technology, 3D radar, Fox Weather Wire and Fox FutureView, all helping to offer more personalized weather.



But a major question to ask: Will Fox Weather discuss “climate change” in its content? A Fox meteorologist says “of course,” according to one report.

Why is this an issue? Because more than one government official, in Australia especially, complains Fox Corp. leader Rupert Murdoch has been a longtime climate-change denier for years.

Perhaps some big promotional push of the new Fox Weather app has appeared on many key Fox Corp. cable TV networks -- which might be key for success in the Apple App Store.

Actually, that has not been the case.

For a month or so before launch, there was plenty of in-house promotion for other Fox streaming businesses: Fox television network,  Fox News Channel, Fox Nation, Fox Bet, Fox Soul and Fox Sports 1, according to

Is the name “Fox” the reason for its success? Well, of course, there are other marketing avenues to consider beyond traditional TV. Social media, for one, can do a lot of heavy lifting.

Consider the Fox brand tacked on to some fact-based content -- like the weather -- is just a line extension for any big media company.

Is there a new spin on cold fronts and low pressure systems moving in? When it rains, it pours in the complex streaming world.

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