• Netflix Still Growing, How Much OTT Content Is Needed?
    Netflix gained subscribers over 4 million internationally and around 700,000 in the U.S. for the second quarter. A traditional U.S-based cable network would be cheering for these results.
  • Netflix Hits Milestone - Most Emmy Nominations
    This year, Netflix got 112 -- snapping HBO's streak of 17 consecutive years of leading all TV networks in nominations.
  • Does Netflix Favor Disney Or Comcast To Win Fox?
    Any big movie/TV studio content producer and TV network group -- either Disney or Comcast -- would be enough of a headache. A better hope for Netflix may be that many of Fox's assets land in different hands -- thus lowering one overall big media competitor threat.
  • Data Is Everywhere -- But For Sponsorship, It Isn't Enough
    Marketers are in the dark when it comes to comparing sponsorship spending versus impressions of buying paid media.
  • ATT To HBO: You're Good, But Get Better
    Although HBO remains a major revenue performer, rising 7% in 2017 to $6.3 billion, for Time Warner (now WarnerMedia), the suggestion is that HBO should replicate Netflix's success.
  • Netflix Nixes Member Review Section
    Netflix has its own algorithm when it comes to figuring out what users might like to see -- in large part based on their past historical behavior. Netflix is now offering a more simple thumbs up or down for particular TV or movie.
  • Carriage Disagreements Inflict OTT Pain
    The ongoing Dish Network carriage battle with Spanish-language TV network group Univision and its networks has made its way to Dish's OTT lineup on its Sling TV service -- all of which may effect non-Univision networks.
  • Millennials Favor Netflix, OTT, Not Demo-Targeted Services
    New data suggests millennials, like boomers, respond to wider, versus niche platforms.
  • More Price Hikes For Digital Pay TV
    Fashionable and new virtual pay TV producers -- DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Playstation Vue and others -- figure consumers are buying into the idea of premium content. So they are raising prices.
  • What's Next For Legacy Media Consolidation?
    High on the current media list is CBS, which some analysts believe is ripe for the picking.
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