• Bored With Mainstream SVOD Channel, Will Amazon Produce More Premium TV?
    Amazon continues to expand as your online everyday retailer for everything -- including your everyday TV shows. But what about looking higher, on more “premium”-feel TV programs, shows on channels like HBO or Showtime? Reports suggest Amazon is doing just that -- wanting to start its own premium TV channel, producing its own “high-end” dramas and movies. Amazon has already tiptoed into this arena -- especially when it comes to winning awards. Awards are something HBO gets a lot of -- especially Emmys. It can regular pull in 100 to 125 or more trophies in a year. In 2016, Amazon …
  • CBS Takes Major Ownership Stake In Kapital Entertainment
    CBS has bought a controlling 50% stake in an independent TV production company, which currently produces "Life i n Pieces" for the network.
  • Is Viacom's Talk Of 'Non-Core' Networks A Slight?
    Key networks with higher viewership yield bigger revenue and bigger brand value overall. That's what gets pushed to the top of the heap -- without necessarily tagging those networks with a particular moniker.
  • Traditional TV Touts Positive OTT Efforts
    Traditional media needs to keep the positive news coming -- not just with praise about premium TV content that everyone wants -- but with news in making deals with newfangled OTT platforms.
  • Trump Helps Deliver High TV Ratings, But Will His Business Promises Help Advertisers?
    Many will question fact and fiction in Trump's two-week's worth of tweets, executive orders and press conferences. That's what keeps the viewer honest. But does it keep TV advertisers that spend money on those networks honest?
  • Exciting Super Bowl Game, Less-Than-Stellar TV Ratings
    The New England Patriots came back from the biggest point deficits in history. The team's quarterback earned another MVP trophy from record-passing results. The Super Bowl had its first ever overtime game. And it didn't result in a record number of TV viewers.
  • Amazon Prime Video Doubles TV Viewers, Short On Specifics
    Amazon Prime Video has earned big awards for "Transparent" and "Mozart in the Jungle." One analyst estimates Amazon has spent $250 million on original TV programming in 2016.
  • Presidential Brand Awareness: How Well Does He Know TV Ratings?
    Donald Trump has a fixation on overall media brand awareness and is ridiculously sensitive about competition. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that during the Natinal Prayer Breakfast, he made a dig at Arnold Schwarzenegger who now hosts "Celebrity Apprentice."
  • Facebook Makes Big TV Move
    Facebook is making a specific more TV-video play: A TV-like digital set-top box app on new over-the-top services like Apple TV. Since June, there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.
  • PBS' 'Nova' Uses Kickstarter For New Show
    The "Nova" campaign, called "Join Nova: Make Science For All," is seeking at least $1 million -- and perhaps up to $2.25 million -- for the special, hosted by David Pogue, a PBS host and veteran science reporter.
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