• Sony Entertainment Registers Shifts In TV, Management
    Michael Lynton, chairman/CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and CEO of Sony Entertainment -- in charge of its movie/TV and music businesses -- is departing. Is the lone-independent studio, without any traditional TV network ownership connections, in for a major shift?
  • Finding Right Formula For Original Saturday Night Shows
    With nearly 500 scripted TV shows vying for consumer interest -- and growing -- TV networks may want to reexamine different areas to get some traction.
  • Apple To Produce Movies, Makes Apple Music More Competitive
    The move by Apple, mostly now a digital device manufacturer, should be viewed therefore in a narrow context. Apple sees its Apple Music -- a $10 a month service -- as ready to take on Spotify. The motive may be to sell even more new iPhones and iPads in future years.
  • TV Networks Abandon Some Marketing, Earned Media At TCA
    How much more are TV executives looking to direct-to-consumer marketing -- versus other types marketing and earned media/press attention?
  • NBC's Golden Globes' Digital Blackout: Viewers Wonder If It's TV
    Sitting in your living room, turning on your universal TV remote. You wait to watch the Golden Globes on NBC. But alas, you can't see it. A on-air message says the show is blacked out.
  • My Crazy Ex-Media Plan: Always Entertaining And Award-Winning - In Small Doses
    Fractionalizing TV ratings, a skyrocketing number of programs, more entertainment noise and "finding an audience" continue to plague TV executives.
  • TV Messages On Health Care Need To Address Reality
    What does the consumer do to reconcile endless news reports that Obamacare will be repealed? Republicans blame previous congressional legislators for current, ever-higher health-care premiums. But few seem to remember where we were - back in 2009 and 2010 - when we witnessed 40% premium hikes without Obamacare.
  • What Is Trump's Real Objection To An AT&T/Time Warner Merger?
    Many analysts are wondering if all this really centers on CNN. Trump had repeatedly criticized CNN for its coverage of his presidential campaign -- in addition to be angry at much of TV/press election coverage overall.
  • Do We Still Need Traditional Time-Oriented TV Schedules?
    Growing TV commercialization has been a problem for some time. Now with on-demand programming, something else is changing: a traditional TV schedule.
  • VidAngel Lets Users Clean Up Movies, So Why Not TV Commercials?
    Family-friendly digital video platform VidAngel lets consumers edit out nudity, foul language and other stuff of big popular movie content. Does it send back some of those consumer viewing fees to studios for these adjusted movies? Nope.
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