VidAngel Lets Users Clean Up Movies, So Why Not TV Commercials?

Is there not enough TV and movies for all kinds of media consumers -- even the cleaner-language and content kind? Apparently not.

Family-friendly digital video platform VidAngel lets consumers edit out nudity, foul language and other stuff of big popular movie content.

Why is this needed? Consumers want stuff exactly the way they want it. Maybe VidAngel users can make the right cuts and changes to Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”? Though that seems like a lot of work.

Movie studios/producers aren’t that happy about VidAngel’s digital platform -- and they’ve taken legal action for its unlicensed video streaming. VidAngel cites the 2005 Family Movie Act of 2005 as legally protecting customers' right to filter/change films.

Love your new media freedoms -- with all the digital media offerings. But with that comes spillage, and the most innocent people -- including children -- will start asking questions. The real question: Will parents be there to answer questions about the real world to those younger media consumers?



Does VidAngel send back some of those consumer viewing fees to studios for these adjusted movies? Nope. Still, VidAngel buys licensed movie discs from retail stores, and some money, in turn, gets sent back to studios.

VidAngel’s effectively charges around $1 in fees for consumers to view a movie. And here’s their fine marketing line in that regard: “Movies for one bleeping dollar.”

VidAngel should go further: Get into the business of making changes for any filthy and deplorable TV advertising that makes it way into its consumers living room.

Want to see a changed movie or TV show? Well, you’ll need to also change the TV advertising. Everyone wants to be an editor -- but how can we institutionalize this on copyrighted material?

We want to make personal media choices -- in the privacy of our own homes. With current TV sets and new digital devices, we can just do with simpler fast-forwarding, sound muting and other current remote control functions.

Is there anything wrong with that?

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