• TV In The Time Of Coronavirus: News, Scripted TV Reruns
    Higher TV consumption may not mean higher advertising revenues for TV networks or local stations, radio, OTT/connected TV platforms, websites and other media.
  • Securing Rights To Broadcast Sports Still Dominates TV
    Premium sports means live TV viewing - with a better chance for viewers to consume one's precious and expensively placed TV commercials.
  • Can Quibi Cut Through The Streaming Clutter?
    Quibi needs a big push out of the gate: great reviews, big talent and cheap monthly prices.
  • Is AT&T Benching DirecTV?
    Not exactly. But AT&T now says it will only market DirecTV in rural and some suburban areas.
  • Good Data Is Critical To The TV Ad Industry, Market Volatility Impacts Collection
    Volatility is the result of the coronavirus -- a lack of specific information is destabilizing the economy.
  • U.K. ITV Ad Revenues To Drop 10% In April -- Where Will U.S. TV Networks Land?
    Network TV media buys might fall as well -- especially near-term "scatter" TV deals -- made with a lead time of a few days to a few weeks.
  • Roku Won't Enter Program Arena, Only Big Media Can Handle Risk
    Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV+ and others are spending anywhere from $4 billion to $10 billion a year on original programming. Few can join that club.
  • TV Upfronts Impacted By Coronavirus
    The issue now is supply. Advertising is relatively easy to cut during periods of volatility.
  • A Canceled Summer Olympics Is TV's Worst-Case Scenario
    Coronavirus fears reach everywhere. The $1.25 billion ad spend NBCU has pulled in so far for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics could be on the line.
  • Streamers Have Low Churn Rates, Will TV-Video Advertisers?
    Somewhat helpful in keeping streamers' churn low is the ease of cancellation and return. A simple click on a service's app/platform does the trick.
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