If President Trump Likes Disruption, He Should Try a New Career: Reporter

President Trump, if you listening, I have three words for you: Don’t be greedy. C’mon, you’re president! You won the election. Now, it’s time to learn a new skill.

In his first few weeks, President Trump pointed fingers at former President Obama as it pertains to his claim that his predecessor wiretapping his phones. But now, the FBI Director James Comey publicly says no way. There is no evidence.

There is some upside here: Trump is keeping his campaign promise of being disruptive. Yes, he gets an “A” for it. But is he being responsible? Not so much. Journalists need facts. When it comes to claims about his phones, he says go see... Fox News Channel.

Sorry, that isn’t evidence; that’s just citing another news organization. We all need to do original reporting some times, reporting that confirms facts. That’s where we earn our stripes.

President Trump should try his hand here -- as a freelance TV, print or digital reporter. He has the resources. Now, could Trump ask for specific information -- in his reporter role (or maybe as President)? Maybe the FBI or the CIA might know something.



I have some questions he can use -- especially if wants to be an investigative TV reporter: “Do you know of anyone trying to wiretap my phones?” Or, “Do you know of anyone outside the U.S. wanting to tap my phones?” 

Even better: “Do you know anyone working for me who has contacted Russia inappropriately?”

He can then ask to tape a conversation -- with the approval of his source/subject -- or write up that information by hand.

This is all to suggest Americans need more open government, which might result in even less government. Good journalism helps to do that. Isn’t that what Trump wants?

In regard to this “openness,” consider this: Nearly 80% of U.S. citizens now says we should have TV cameras during Supreme Court proceedings on major legal issues.

Such a move will allow U.S. voters to follow oral arguments and hear the facts of a case. Trump could sit patiently in a gallery -- if allowed -- and bring a reporter’s notebook to take notes.

3 comments about "If President Trump Likes Disruption, He Should Try a New Career: Reporter".
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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, March 21, 2017 at 11 a.m.

    I do believe the president subscribes to the Charles Foster Kane school of journalism. 

  2. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, March 21, 2017 at 2:17 p.m.

    A year ago, the absolute toughest question Obama got from reporters was "How are your brackets doing?"  Different party, different standards.

  3. Chuck Lantz from, network replied, March 21, 2017 at 4:07 p.m.

    Oh, really?  Well, since you're such a stickler for facts, maybe you can back-up your claim?

    Or will you take one of the standard alt-right lines and reply with; "prove me wrong", or that all-time favorite; "Google it"?

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