• TV Stations' Competitive Pricing Just Became A Bigger Deal
    A DOJ lawsuit alleged companies engaged in unlawful agreements with third-party firms to illegally coordinate sales of local ad spots. An agreement was struck with six station groups. What's next?
  • Consumers, Traditional Media Navigate A Changing OTT Landscape
    Video streaming questions continue. For consumers, it's how many streaming OTT products to own. For media businesses, it's how many OTT partners to have.
  • Trump Tweets About Comcast, Industry Nonplussed
    His comments aren't new. The ACA has complained about Comcast for years, as have other trade groups, when it comes to media consolidation and prospects of hurting competition.
  • New Media May Buy Old Media - For Surprising Reasons
    Could Netflix wants to own a big-time studio? Does Amazon want to buy a network?
  • NFL Viewership Is Back. Will TV Advertisers Play Ball?
    CBS says its Sunday afternoon games are up 3% versus a year ago; NBC's "SNF" games are 8% higher.
  • Dish Network Conflicted About Carrying HBO
    In looking at the current blackout of AT&T's HBO from the Dish Network system, the takeaway may be: Dish is exiting the video business.
  • Fox Commentators Take Stage At President Trump Rally
    After Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro made campaign appearances at a Trump campaign rally, Fox senior execs said they didn't condone the action.
  • Political Ad Campaigns Reap Billions For TV
    Just on broadcast and cable networks, political ads will hit $4.6 billion, with $1.8 billion going to digital media this year.
  • NBCU Restructures Ad Staff As Tech Impacts Bottom Line
    Words like automation, advanced advertising and technology carry a lot of weight these days. And they impact staffing in a big way.
  • How Low Can TV Packages Go?
    While on-demand video platforms -- such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon -- thrive, consumers still like their more traditional pay TV services, ones that include live, linear TV networks.
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