• T-Mobile Headed Into The Digital Live TV Space
    T-Mobile didn't elaborate, but said its service would be different from traditional and new pay TV providers -- and cheaper.
  • Will Pay TV Sports Fans Consider Cord-Cutting?
    Fans pay big bucks for sports TV packages. But what if they start airing on the internet?
  • Digital Media Overtakes TV In Ad Revenues
    Magna Global says digital ad spending will reach $209 billion worldwide -- 41% of the market -- in 2017. TV will total $178 billion, for a 35% share in the same year.
  • Video, Music Look To Meld Into All Entertainment Content Services
    TV/video platforms taking on music? Music platforms taking on video? Digital media companies are all in these days.
  • Russians Are Out Of Winter Olympics -- Will U.S. Be Next?
    On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said "no official decision has been made" on whether U.S. athletes will participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea.
  • Big Digital Media Players Operate as 'Frenemies'
    Google and Amazon are now at war over the "reciprocity" of services and devices sold on each other's platform.
  • Fox Has NFL Issues, YouTube Has More
    The protests may continue -- but through nine weeks of the season, national TV advertising for all TV networks running NFL games has totaled $1.76 billion -- versus $1.44 billion a year ago.
  • TV Companies Reject 'One-Brand' Hits
    Now with digital media, "channels" and "networks" may be a thing of the past. Think of new definitions amidst rumors of more media mergers, especially among traditional media companies.
  • Are Advertisers Concerned About Scandal-Tainted News Talent?
    TV advertisers' reactions to sexual harassment news about big TV news talent, most recently NBC's Matt Lauer and CBS' Charlie Rose, have been quiet.
  • Suspect Political Ads Will Air On Digital in 2018 -- Is TV Any Safer?
    Digital fraud may lead to more TV ads. But digital media will continue to grow and propaganda -- thanks to automated systems for placing digital media advertising -- won't stop either.
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