• Conventional Wisdom, Or The CW: Young TV Viewers Can't Name All The The Broadcast Networks
    What are those 12- to 34-year-olds doing between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m every night? The clichéd answer is playing video games, watching MTV, updating their profile in MySpace, watching "The O.C.," or talking on their cell phones. Now here comes some other info: According to Bolt Media--the company that gave you that young Internet site, bolt.com--only one of four 12 to 34-year-olds can name all four broadcast networks.
  • J&J Tells The World: Let's Take An Upfront Break--For A Few Months
    What exactly is Johnson & Johnson's press strategy for this TV upfront? Perhaps it doesn't want to be a pain in the neck.
  • TV's Upfront As The NFL Draft
    TV is the sport of creative-minded businessmen--so make the networks' upfront program presentation business run like the NFL draft....
  • May, The Month Of TV Surprises
    It's May, and in TV land, that means a time to surprise. Networks hope advertisers will do the same.
  • Commercial Clutter May Finally Choke Content
    It's a cluttered ad life in TV--and that's only the start. A growing commercial and show promo load on the broadcast and cable networks has seemingly never stopped. In fact, cable, it appears now, has taken over the top spot with commercial clutter--especially for networks like MTV Networks....
  • NBA Doesn't Dribble With TV, But Gets A Bounce
    Television is up to its old tricks--trying a behind-the-back pass at every turn.
  • Learning Under Tentpoles: Look For Some Breathing Room
    What do theatrical tentpoles mean for TV? Less head room. Film executives at Paramount Pictures' "Mission Impossible: III" might put it a little more grimly to TV executives: there's less room to breathe.
  • Warner and MTV Differ In Timing Of Online Offerings
    The world of the young TV viewer is immediate, while that of the older TV viewer is about a week late....
  • NBC's Lazy 'SNL' Marketing Plan
    NBC still hasn't realized the full Internet marketing potential of its "Saturday Night Live" franchise. By next season, it may have a better idea....
  • The Upfronts: Where's There's Money, There's Drama
    Getting closer to the upfront market, CBS has given advertisers one more reason to check their guns--and egos--at the door. It will launch a new broadband, CBS-branded channel, according to reports.
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