• Entertainment Failures Rarely Discussed--So No Lessons Learned
    Everyone loves a good success business story--but even better are those that flop on the ground like a fish without water. Not only can we get a good laugh, but perhaps some perspective.
  • NBC's Torino Olympics Serves Up Predictable Ratings So Far
    NBC hasn't fooled anyone with its Torino version of the Winter Olympics. Everyone knew the score ahead of time. So far, no surprises.
  • Fox Plans Programming Service To Fill Gaps Left By UPN And WB
    For a number of soon-to-be-refugee Fox-owned stations and other UPN and WB affiliates, it's back to the future.
  • Shopping For Media Companies: Univision Vs. Time Warner
    When investing in media, be sure nothing is lost in any financial translation. Stick with good language and you'll have an easy decision. That's how to make the choice between Univision and Time Warner.
  • ABC News Does The Right Thing--And Gets Too-Real Results
    It's not the way ABC wanted it for its new prime-time news team. Its "World News Tonight" won the week among key demographic viewers mostly from curiosity over the show's severely injured anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt.
  • ABC Says No Deal For Media Agencies That Want Live-Only Ratings
    ABC might finally be fast-forwarding an end to the upfront market all by itself. The network's focus over new ratings that include DVR viewing is now a public debate.
  • Super Bowl Television: Fade to Black And Up with People
    Super Bowl XL viewers witnessed a relatively boring football game, somewhat lackluster commercials--even the Rolling Stones couldn't spice up the proceedings. Now, throw in a five-second broadcast delay and future Super Bowls threaten to be a colorless affair. Just paint it black.
  • GoDaddy's Model For Stretching Super Bowl Dollars: Get Your Ad Rejected
    In keeping with the theme of its business, GoDaddy.com, the seller of Internet domain names, has made a name for itself--but not with the Internet, nor its 13 rejected versions of its Super Bowl commercials. A name was made with journalists.
  • Do Customers Know Cable Systems Are Airing Super Bowl?
    The cable industry still doesn't promote the biggest TV program of the year that is delivered through their cable wires. Can you guess what it is? "The Sopranos"? "SpongeBob Square Pants"? Nope. It's the Super Bowl.
  • The Road To Upfront Advertising Success Runs With Fox 'Idol'
    Fox's "American Idol"--the country's No. 1-rated TV show--has now hit the wacky spot with American viewers, becoming an even higher rated show in its fifth season.
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