• MoviePass Lowers Price To Compete With Netflix
    In an increasingly digital world, full of big movie-like TV screens, MoviePass may lure a significant number of consumers to get off the couch.
  • Will More Studios Exit Netflix?
    Netflix has a powerful lineup of 51 million U.S. subscribers and nearly 45 million international subs. But what if Fox goes the way of Disney and launches its own streaming service?
  • Trump's Charlottesville Message: 'Many Sides' Morphs Into 'Racism Is Evil'
    Forty-eight hours late, President Trump found specific words to address the violent protests in Charlottesville, where one person died and 19 people were injured. Was is too little, too late?
  • When TV Hosts Say 'We,' Who Do They Mean?
    We are hearing a lot of "we" from on-air hosts of cable TV news networks. Vox says commentators on Fox's "Fox & Friends" use "we" a lot -- especially when talking about the Trump Administration.
  • NBCU Is Closing Seeso, Video Streaming Service
    The mostly under-the-radar NBCUniversal subscription video-streaming service for comedy content is closing by year's end. The company gave no reason for the decision. The 18-month-old service had not disclosed any key business metrics -- subscribers or revenue.
  • The CW Scores As Outlier
    The CW embraced alternative digital TV viewing long before other TV networks. In some ways, it had to -- that's where its young viewers were headed. And although it lacks easily digestible TV-digital measurements, it continues to find the right programming to match viewing trends.
  • Entertainment Hackers Making Money, Headlines
    Entertainment hackers have received monetary compensation from a majority of companies that have been targeted. This speaks to the fluid nature of fast-moving, digitally produced TV programming content: It can be easily targeted.
  • Will CNN Be Sold After The AT&T/Time Warner Merger?
    AT&T needs to do what any big company does after a big acquisition push -- pay down some of its debt.
  • Is Fox Threatened By Sinclair's Reach?
    The Fox Broadcasting Network reportedly wants to change its affiliate associations with 26 Sinclair TV stations -- and strike a deal with a smaller TV station group, ION Media Networks.
  • Maybe Millennials Don't Want Skinny TV Bundles
    Despite all the hoopla around cheap internet-based $20-a-month live, linear TV packages, the jury is still out. That's especially true among millennials.
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