• 2022 Political Ad Revenues Will Remain At Presidential Levels
    Digital, connected TV -- political advertising rises ever upward.
  • Can We 'Trust' TV's Weather Coverage? What's Really Blowing In The Wind?
    Fox Corp. will get into the game, launching Fox Weather later this year. Will it be straight reporting or politicized?
  • Netflix Fancies Future Business With Video Games
    Netflix was always assumed to have plans to broaden its enterprise. But no one guessed this.
  • Local OTT/CTV Ad Sales: Spending Grows, But Not For Every Marketer
    Rising efforts around local TV stations streaming/OTT businesses continue at a steady pace -- but still far less than local advertisers invest when it comes to social-media spending.
  • Disney Was Right About Streaming New Movies
    In addition to the $80 million it grabbed from the first weekend of "Black Widow," it took in $60 million in streaming revs under its Disney+ Premier Access pay-per view effort.
  • Upfront TV Data: Fuzzy Info Or Clearer Numbers To Come?
    There is a disconnect between connected TV when it comes to advertising revenue and the time consumers spend with the content.
  • Barry Diller: Movie Business 'Is Finished.' Define Finished.
    Streaming and Amazon's purchase of MGM are harbingers of the future.
  • Tokyo Summer Olympics: No On-Site Spectators, Fewer TV Fans, Too?
    A lack of live, at-site video excitement could affect TV viewership for the Summer Games.
  • Big Entertainment Marketing Season Is Coming: TV, Streaming, Movie Ads
    Heavy promotions could create an overload for the fourth quarter.
  • How Much Data Do Linear TV Marketers Need In A Non-Ad Streaming World?
    Looking at a granular level, analysts make big estimations on streaming data. But it's perhaps more important what publicly traded media companies disclose.
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