• Will Streaming Platforms Get Their True Share Of Super Bowl Ad Dollars?
    Some $27 million in video advertising -- which would be the highest ad revenue ever for a single digital video event -- may be due streamers.
  • Are Legacy Sports Networks Still As Valuable?
    Comcast's NBC Sports Network announced recently it would shutter NBCSN, a big 80-million-subscriber cable network. Is that a harbinger of the future?
  • Do Netflix's Award Nominations Impress, Add Viewers?
    For more than a few years now, awards have been a key piece of the streamer's overall marketing plan.
  • Movies About Stock-Market Scandals Spike On Streaming Networks
    After the Robinhood-Game Stop controversy, a number of popular Wall Street-focused movies saw big upticks in streaming rates.
  • How To Measure The Success Of WarnerMedia's Simultaneous Streaming-Theater Move
    Box-office revenues are much lower, but HBO Max might make up profits from monthly subscriber fees.
  • Trump, GOP Supporters May Face Big-Money Problems Long-Term
    Forget about Trump's sway with his base. The bottom line for politicians is media exposure on TV networks/social media platforms, as well as political ad dollars.
  • Determining The Top Streaming Show Is Tricky
    Sometimes, lists get skewed: The bigger the platform, the greater the chance for most total minutes consumed.
  • Real Media, TV Underperformers: Who Is Taking Stock Bets?
    After the GameStop fiasco, stock speculation takes a new turn.
  • Too Much TV Choice And Viewers Freeze Up. Netflix Helps Them Thaw
    With Netflix's new "Shuffle Play" experiment, you have an immediate option.
  • With Big Companies Sitting Out The Super Bowl, What Can Ads Say To Viewers?
    Marketers like to take the current pulse of U.S. citizens watching the big game. And that can be touchy this year.
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