• Facebook Bans Political Ads 7 Days Before An Election. Should TV Do The Same?
    A limit on political advertising could give voters a chance to lower the rhetoric and up their own research.
  • Cycling Sales Are Higher, Tour De France Ratings Stay Steady
    The Tour de France is in progress - but bike sales this year have cycled into serious revenue.
  • TV Distribution Is A Complex Web - And Everyone Wants A Piece
    Comcast, a legacy pay TV distributor, wants to expand X1, its cable TV set-top box operating system. It may be late to the game.
  • Growing U.S. Product Placement: How Far Can It Go?
    Perhaps there is more for branded entertainment providers to gain, beyond unscripted/reality TV/competition shows, game shows and talk shows.
  • Trump's Real Media Plan Starts Now
    The DNC Nielsen-measured ratings beat the RNC's -- 21.6 million vs. 19.4 million -- which probably isn't going over well in the White House.
  • Upfront Deals May Not Be Sealed Until Q4
    TV networks are hoping for flat pricing. Attention is focused on the scatter market.
  • As Pro Sports Teams Protest, TV Advertisers May Start To Worry
    As teams take a stance on social-justice issues and players take a stance on health concerns, how will this impact TV networks' ad revenues?
  • Viewers Have Ad Choices: Opt In Or Opt Out
    TV networks want viewers to watch their ads. Viewers may have other ideas, turning to streamers.
  • Streaming Is Grabbing Bigger Slice Of Media Revenues
    Disney cracked the code: compelling content, a major brand name and, of course, a great price point.
  • Upfront Ad Market Awaits: Place Your TV Bets
    TV marketers understand ad pullbacks are common in periods like this. But no one wants to be off-air at the precise and unpredictable moment the marketplace takes a sharp turn higher.
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