• Clarification: YouTube's 2019 Ad Revs
    In the TV Watch column, “YouTube Rakes In $15 Billion In Advertising” (Feb. 6), YouTube’s 2019 advertising revenue was $15 billion in worldwide sales, according to Google’s recent quarterly earnings release. However, one August estimate from Statista shows that, for U.S. advertising alone, YouTube’s 2019 U.S. total ad revenue to be $5.47 billion.
  • YouTube Rakes In $15 Billion In Advertising
    For the first time ever, Google revealed a breakout of revenue for YouTube - and the sum is eye-opening. TV networks should take note.
  • Political TV Ad Clutter Is Never-Ending
    Will presidential ads be effective, given continued TV ad skipping, social-media distrust in political ads, or just mediocre creative?
  • Super Bowl TV Ads: What Is the Value Of Online Views?
    Growing digital media extensions can amortize the now $5.5 million price tag for a 30-second commercial on TV in the big game.
  • Could NBCU, Warner Media Merge In Future?
    Such an alliance would leave both Comcast and AT&T more focused on their respective core businesses, speculates MoffettNathanson.
  • The NFL 2020 Brand Enjoys Higher Favorability Pre-Super Bowl
    For the second straight year, overall NFL regular-season games posted modest single-digit viewership gains.
  • For Super Bowl Movie Marketers, Price Isn't The Only Factor
    In the past, the Super Bowl saw seven to nine different TV ads for movies -- that number has drifted lower, to around two or three studio films.
  • Longer Storytelling At The Super Bowl: Is It Content Marketing Or A TV Ad?
    A reported 28 Super Bowl commercials will be of longer length: 45 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. It is still the most-viewed individual TV program every year.
  • Post-Impeachment Trial: What Trump's Future TV Ads Might Sound Like
    Any new TV commercial could be a best-of effort, resembling a TV rerun, something our entertainment-savvy President understands.
  • Premium Video Streamers Aren't About Big Numbers, It's About Big Revenue
    There are lots of "free" deals that hype streamers' early subscriber numbers. The real issue is how many will remain years from now -- and the kind of revenue that results.
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