• Is Traditional TV Fighting Amazon For Supremacy?
    Amazon sells all kinds of consumer products -- which is why many believe it will be a force to reckon with when it comes to growing digital media advertising.
  • Will Traditional TV Gamify Premium Shows To Increase Revenue?
    Ad-supported TV networks continue to seek the next holy grail of TV revenue, beyond just on-demand licensing deals, or starting direct-to consumer on-demand and/or live, linear digital services.
  • TV Needs To Sell Premium Content - And Demographics Help
    Donna Speciale, president of advertising sales for Turner, says networks have to be careful about getting too targeted on linear TV. "We don't want to lose that reach value."
  • Cord-Cutting Means Cord-Shifting, TV Prices Will Still Rise
    Premium TV shows are still a big deal for TV/movie studio owners. Few are going to discount their prized assets.
  • Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings Made For Engaging TV
    Anger works on TV -- fictional TV, pseudo-reality TV shows and real-life political news -- drawing key viewer interest, passion and what all TV marketers love to see: that fancy marketing word "engagement."
  • Banking The Future On Short-Form Video Ventures
    Enjoying bite-size video content while waiting on line at a bank, supermarket or doctor's office is what future TV viewers, especially young millennials desire. And the major TV-movie studios are on board.
  • Is Apple Being Too Careful About TV/Movie Productions On OTT Platforms?
    Apple wants to reach the widest possible audience -- while never offending any viewer.
  • AT&T Sees Investment In HBO As Profitable
    HBO may get more resources from other areas in the new WarnerMedia, possibly from other TV businesses such as the ad-supported TV group Turner.
  • OTT Subscriber Benchmarks May Not Be Enough
    Both Hulu with Live TV and ESPN+ have each hit the 1 million subscriber mark. For investors, a key measure is the break-even point for these OTT services.
  • More Digital Video Ads Are Coming - How Will They Impact Ad Fraud?
    Marketers need to count on the most positive factors for their media campaign efforts -- creative, targeting, engagement and other ROI metrics.
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