• Does TV Benefit From Less Social Media Sharing?
    Linear TV consumption doesn't have the same tools to leverage more viewing -- although many traditional TV networks do have their own websites.
  • TV Ratings Can Be Iffy, Search On For New Metrics
    TV network companies have long complained that standard TV ratings -- except for sports and news -- are a waste of time when it comes to program performance.
  • Is Netflix Thinking Oscar?
    Netflix's ultimate goal is to get more TV homes to sign on. How? Get talent like Sandra Bullock to do original movies for the service.
  • Consumers May Be Becoming Immune To Pay TV Threats
    With new digital video OTT/platforms, will all the turmoil head in a new direction? Now we have Walt Disney, WarnerMedia and others looking to start their own platforms.
  • New Theatrical Movies Finding Their Way To TV Screens
    Lower ticket sales are partly attributable to media alternatives. But more importantly, new theatrical movies will find their way onto TV screens soon after their theatrical release.
  • Where Does Advanced TV Advertising Fit In 2019?
    On the upside: addressable TV advertising has achieved decent scale -- around 65 million homes out of a total of 120 U.S TV households.
  • Going Russian: Importing Rogue Political Media Plans
    Russian trolls must now be proud. So many of their fake news efforts are now part of marketing efforts.
  • Virtual Pay TV Services Face Subscriber Slowdown
    This year, it is projected two big traditional pay TV providers will lose over 1 million subscribers each -- AT&T's DirecTV sinking 1 million and Comcast/Xfinity, down 1.5 million.
  • What TV Networks Can Learn From Facebook's Mistakes
    When it comes to consumer data, TV marketers say traditional media is behind independent digital media platforms, especially since it can connect with return-path sales or performance outcome data.
  • 'Tucker Carlson' Sees Latest Advertiser Pullout
    Any advertiser may pull money from one specific show because of content it doesn't like. But a network usually keeps that spend, moving it to other shows.
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