• Trump Should Defend Press Freedom Abroad
    In the post-war years, our leaders routinely touted freedom of the press as a hallmark of American democracy. The President has forgotten a basic reality: He is the country's most important representative. Part of his job is to promote our best traditions.
  • TV's Next Big Show Is Shaping Up To Be Media-Buying Workflow
    At a time when the TV industry is focused on pushing the sizzle of new shows and upfront ad sales, a group of top television data and technology executives met quasi-secretly to tackle a less-sexy, but burgeoning problem: workflow management.
  • Trump Administration Is Short On Facts, Big On Sensationalism
    White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders complained that evening newscasts are pushing a false narrative about Russian involvement in the election. Where's her data to refute the claims of 17 intelligence agencies? None has been offered.
  • Hold The President To A Higher Standard
    Trump's nasty "Morning Joe" tweets against women are vintage Donald -- whether he aims at Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly or Mika Brzezinski. What parent would allow their child to be so disparaging of women?
  • Clarification: AGA Doesn't Advocate For Sports Sites
    In the "TV Watch" commentary, "Sports Fantasy Sites Push Lawmakers To Restore Legal Status" (June 30), the American Gaming Association says it is not advocating for or against specific daily fantasy sports sites. It is focused on overturning the federal ban on sports betting.
  • Sports Fantasy Sites Push Lawmakers To Restore Legal Status
    Ready for the return of DraftKings and FanDuel on TV? There is a strong push by the American Gaming Association, a trade group representing casinos and others in the gaming industry, to get state policymakers and officials to make these companies legal gambling businesses.
  • Cable Companies Search For Greater Media Consumption
    Big cable companies seem to be on the verge of making a major diversification decision. They are looking for a fourth major media/communication-related business line: wireless technology.
  • There Are TV Ratings, Then There Is Trump World
    Donald Trump recently claimed that CNN's ratings were down in a tweet. Nielsen disagreed. Trump didn't mention his source. Does he use a TV ratings service that no one knows about?
  • Facebook, Fox Sports To Ramp Up Video Efforts
    Facebook now wants to beef up its video efforts for premium-scripted TV shows, with content found on broadcast and cable networks. A new report says Fox Sports will focus less on "written" resources for its channels, but will spend more on video.
  • TV Now Has Shorter Seasons, But Will We See 10-Minute Episodes?
    For years, media critics have grumbled about the number of episodes per year for a TV series. The once-common 22 episodes per year has been trimmed to 13 episodes for many shows. Now, it is down to 10 for some TV shows. If Jeffrey Katzenberg has his way, we may see much shorter episode times, too.
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