• Awards Shows Are In Trouble, Not Just The Golden Globes
    The recent Oscar broadcast took a massive hit, down 60% to 9.8 million viewers from 23.6 million in 2020.
  • Will Cable-Centric Distributors Take On Roku, Amazon Fire TV?
    Comcast is considering further expanding its business, such as getting onto smart TVs as platforms for all types of streaming.
  • Local TV's Big Ad Fight: Digital Media Delivers Competitive Punch
    TV stations must strike out on their own to bolster new sources of revenue, especially with new locally and regionally based OTT operations.
  • AMC Works To Perfect The Premium Streaming Game
    By 2025 AMC's streaming service will generate more revenue from its streaming apps than its traditional, legacy TV business.
  • Streamers Gain Business Savvy, Movie Theaters Contemplate Normality
    Big TV-centric media companies are getting TV and movie content more quickly for their high-profile new streaming platforms.
  • New Premium Streamers Complicate Movie-TV Deals
    How do traditional TV networks maintain revenue growth while growing new premium streaming platforms?
  • Raising TV Political Dollars? Go To Facebook - Unless You're Banned
    "I can think of no other president who has set up a leadership PAC immediately after losing an election and begun fundraising for it furiously," says a Campaign Legal Center specialist of Trump.
  • Streaming Vs. Cinemas: Major Movie Lovers Want Both
    New research from the VAB says 33% of frequent video streamers go to see a movie within the first two weekends of release.
  • Pay TV Plays Hardball, Future Strikeouts Loom
    Current high fees and future increases will be put up against pay TV carriage of stations on NFL and sports programming -- as entertainment programming usage diminishes.
  • Amazon Remains Behind The Legacy TV Curtain
    Many talk up Netflix, Disney+ and the growing HBO Max. But Amazon Prime Video is a not-so-sleeping giant.
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