• As Netflix Tinkers With Ecommerce, Brand-Related Retail Makes Sense
    Think of Netflix more like Walt Disney, which has a vast consumer products and licensing division.
  • Show Me The Money: The Churn In Streaming
    Rocketing initial interest in subscription streaming platforms has created good, top-line news. And some dings, too.
  • TV News In The Streaming Age: Niche Services Or Something Bigger?
    Packaging news content at high-profile streamers seems an uneasy fit. Would you really tune in to a CNN special after the 'Friends Reunion'?
  • Nielsen's Selling Point: Validation And Total View
    Nielsen's continuing premise is that third-party validation is still important. And much of that comes with its longtime panel.
  • When Will Attacks On Media Become A Big Deal?
    Cox Media Group -- which owns 57 U.S. radio and TV stations -- apparently has been hacked.
  • Streaming Vs. TV: What's The Tipping Point?
    The latest data shows 82% of broadband users have at least one subscription service.
  • Big Movie Biz Is Back - Or Just Back To Historical Declines?
    Due to the pandemic, there is a surfeit of major theatrical franchise movies backed up from a year ago.
  • Full-Screen Billboard Video Ads On Small Screens - Define 'Full' And 'Small'
    If you guessed TV, you guessed wrong. We're talking about Twitter.
  • Not Just OTT Ad Dollars, TV Stations Want Higher FCC-Regulated Carriage Fees
    Gray TV wants OTT streamers to pay the same carriage rates as cable, satellite, telco and virtual pay TV providers.
  • TV, Video Attention Is Exhausting - Make A Voice Call Already!
    Scientific research shows our energy is being sapped by Zoom meetings, as well as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.
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