• Project OAR Expects To Begin Live Campaigns Before Year's End
    Project OAR, which had targeted a mid 2020 launch prior to the pandemic, now expects to have 10 million households with Vizio smart TVs ready to roll for deploying TV networks' addressable inventory nationally by year's end.
  • Yes, There Can Be Too Much Of A Good Thing
    The pandemic created enough demand to lift (almost) all OTT boats, but there may already be signs that the market can't indefinitely sustain an endless proliferation of video services.
  • FreeWheel: 1H Video Ad Views Up 32%; CTV Ad Views Up 42%
    CTV accounted for fully half of total video ad views, followed by set-top-box views at 23%.
  • Addressable Ads Found To Go To The (Literal) Heart Of Engagement
    People like addressable ads nearly four times more than non-addressable ones --- and also remember addressable ads more accurately, finds an ambitious, still-in-progress study by GroupM's Finecast and DRG.
  • AVOD Vs. SVOD? That's A False Choice, Say ViacomCBS's DeBevoise And Others
    The ad-supported versus subscription-supported question is becoming increasingly irrelevant, according to executives from major entertainment companies, AVODs, SVODs and tech partners alike.