• More Audience, Analytics Milestones For ATV
    The new MRI-Simmons and FourthWall Media partnership should enable new levels of audience profile sophistication for linear, as well as advanced, TV. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services' Data Exchange is making Samba TV's OTT and linear data available in the cloud.
  • What Does a Cookie-Less World Mean For ATV? Here's Comscore's Take
    Comscore believes it's well-positioned to benefit because of its focus on contextual and Identifier For Advertising (IFA)-based audience targeting and measurement methodology. No cookies will make an IFA-based CTA approach particularly important, the measurement firm asserts.
  • ANA Study: Interactive CTV Ads Drive Big Earned-Time Increases
    Interactive CTV ads generated as much as 447% more earned time with viewers than standard ads.
  • Amazon's Next Frontier: Selling OTT Ads Outside Of Fire TV
    Not satisfied with its leaps in digital advertising revenue, it appears that Amazon is now intent on dominating the CTV advertising market.
  • D2Cs Learning To Use OTT In The Performance Mix
    Testing OTT and other data-driven TV as part of a unified performance marketing strategy is the savvy move for legacy brands developing D2C channels, as well as response-driven digital-native brands, say execs from agencies ForwardPMX and Modi Media.
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