• Engine's Scott Schiller On Why 2021's Upfronts Should Be Different
    "It's time to rip off the Band-aid. Advertisers and media need to move faster to think holistically and look to change the rules on both sides of the equation," argues this global agency's chief commercial officer.
  • Google's Bailing On Third-Party IDs Should Be Another Plus For CTV
    Performance marketers, in particular, are likely to shift ad dollars to CTV as ROI on Facebook and other non-Google digital campaigns declines, argues one CTV ad tech executive.
  • Cost Still Perceived As Key Impediment For CTV
    While some marketers say greater engagement as a result of less ad clutter is an important benefit of CTV, few seem willing to pay more for it.
  • EU Viewers Prefer Streaming To Broadcast, Use AVOD About As Much As SVOD
    Across the EU5 countries, weekly SVOD usage rates average 68%, while AVOD averages 63%.