EU Viewers Prefer Streaming To Broadcast, Use AVOD About As Much As SVOD

Streaming has taken off all over the world, and the European Union is a prime example, a new study confirms. 

Among 10,500 people (2,100 per country) surveyed across the “EU5” — the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain — by Harris Interactive for the supply-side ad platform Magnite, 71% said they preferred streaming over broadcast TV. 

According to the report, the survey, conducted in October and November 2020 among consumers 18 to 64, was designed to deliver nationally representative results. 

Overall, 82% of EU5 respondents reported tuning into CTV weekly. In the U.K., 89% reported streaming weekly, with 61% watching daily. 

While CTV advertising is still relatively new in the EU, self-reported weekly usage levels for ad-supported video-on-demand are nearly as high as those for subscription VOD services. 

Across the countries, weekly SVOD usage rates average 68%, while AVOD averages 63%. In France, the average for AVOD exceeds SVOD, at 62% and 58%, respectively. The U.K. has the highest weekly AVOD usage rate, at 74%, followed by Spain (64%), France, Italy (60%) and Germany (55%).

Eighty-three percent of overall respondents said they would watch advertising in exchange for free or reduced cost subscriptions, and 74% of SVOD users said they would switch to an ad-based tier of a paid service if it were available. 



Nearly three quarters (72%) of overall respondents indicated high receptivity to CTV advertising, citing the free content and fewer ads between content than in broadcast, with most saying they had considered or discovered products shown in shows. 

The same percentage said they recalled the ad or had taken some action (talked about the ads, or looked up or purchased products advertised) after seeing an ad on CTV.

On average, across countries, consumers reported spending €28 per month on subscription CTV services, and said they would be willing to pay up to €36 per month for such services.

Asked about the types of ads that are acceptable, 74% said they would prefer advertising related to the show they’re watching, 71% said they'd accept advertising related to their hobbies and interests, and 57% said they don’t object to advertising related to online search.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, March 5, 2021 at 4:01 p.m.

    And, by leaving out those aged 65+ they stacked the deck as these are the most frequent "linear TV" consumers by a wide margin while being least likely to be SVOD users or even subscribers. I assume that this point applies to a lesser extent to CTV as well.

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