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Karlene Lukovitz is editor of MediaPost's "Digital News Daily" and writes the weekly "Video Insider" and "Advanced TV Insider" columns. You can reach her at

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  • Fox News Won't Provide Full Live Coverage Of Jan. 6 Hearings by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 06/07/2022)

    Plus, saving democracy might conflict with watching WWE.

  • U.S. Now Has More Streaming Subscriptions Than People: Report by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 04/12/2021)

    David: If you care to review previous articles on surveys and research, I think you'll find that I normally take pains to include methodology, including whether a survey sample is actually statistically representative of the universe it claims to represent, or the sample is designed to reflect U.S. Census demographics for a segment, etc. But you're right on Ampere-- they haven't yet replied to a query about methodology, and it should be included. I will update when they do, or add a statement indicating that they did not respond.

  • Pluto TV Ad Revenue +78% in 2020, On Track For $1B+ By 2022: eMarketer by Karlene Lukovitz (Video Insider on 04/06/2021)

    Thanks for pointing that out, Leo. Fixed now.

  • Parler Goes Dark For Now, Twitter Braces For Possible Protest At HQ by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 01/11/2021)

    FYI, Daily Beast described as "left-wing" in a different MP article on same day: now that you mention it, for accuracy's sake, I really should've described Parler as "far-right" or better yet, "radical right."

  • CTV's Share Of Video Impressions Hit 41% In Q3, Up 23% YoY by Karlene Lukovitz (Video Insider on 11/10/2020)

    According to Innovid, the stat compares the 1.4% PC interactive video to the 20.3% of CTV interactive choice-based ads.

  • Is 'Incremental' Becoming A Misnomer For OTT Reach? by Karlene Lukovitz (Advanced TV Insider on 11/06/2020)

    Flame bait? Well, isn't it nice to have something to fret about other than the election results? 

  • Quibi Throws In The Towel by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 10/21/2020)

    Ed: Since it was The Information that used the word "stunning," which is why it's in quotes, I can't be sure what they meant by that. Still, I'd say that it's indeed stunning that Quibi's founders and backers have blown most of $1.75 billion in a few short months with virtually nothing to show for it... while millions in our own country are unemployed, hungry and homeless (which was also true before the pandemic, though to a somewhat lesser extent). Katzenberg has been a major philanthropist, and I'm all for innovation and new-business creation. But it's still (yes) stunning that those at the top can afford to toss around such sums and move on to the next ego-driven, ill-advised "gamble" while most of the country hasn't seen a real (after inflation) increase in income in decades. How about investing billions in sustainable energy innovations/businesses, or infrastructure, or other ventures that could create long-term jobs at scale? Did the world need another streaming service? Not this one, clearly. As a side point, with the greatest respect for your industry expertise, a constructive idea: If your desire is to control content down to the word, why not start (or restart) your own publication/site/blog? I'm being sincere when I say I'm sure I'd be among many who would enthusiastically follow it. 

  • Facebook, Twitter Refuse To Ban Trump's Doctored Video Of Pelosi's Speech-Rip Moment by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 02/10/2020)

    The social networks are going to tick off one side or the other, politically, no matter what they do. Given the zillions of dollars they're making off shamelessly allowing basically anyone to have access to their users' most personal data, their influence for good or evil around the globe, and how they already allowed hostile foreign governments to influence the 2016 U.S. election, they absolutely owe the U.S. public the simple ethical practice of not allowing their platforms to continue to be used to lie and deceive us--particularly with 'deepfakes' very likely to be swallowed by the uniformed. 

  • Nielsen Launches Metric Combining Panel And ACR Data by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 12/13/2019)

    Ed, Your questions have been forwarded to Nielsen. So far, no response.

  • Bloomberg, Now Official, To Spend $30M On TV Ads Alone by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 11/25/2019)

    But let's not forget the crucial differences: Bloomberg and Steyer both created their own SUCCESSFUL businesses (as opposed to being given millions by their daddies and blowing all of that -- plus other people's money -- on bad business decisions and profligate spending). And both Bloomberg and Steyer have given huge amounts of effort as well as their own money to making the world a better place (rather than being crooks who use political office to stuff their own pockets).

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