DAZN And Free-TV Company Telly Integrate Shoppable Ads

The DAZN streaming platform and free-TV manufacturer Telly are using interactive video technology from TheTake to offer interactive, shoppable experiences to consumers.

The partnerships were announced at CES.

The DAZN global sports and entertainment platform will become the first streamer to integrate TheTake’s AI-driven interactive tech directly into its user interface.

DAZN viewers will be able to shop for sports gear and apparel in real time, “with a click of a button,” while watching sports programming, according to TheTake.

In addition, advertisers will be able to take advantage of “hyper-contextual opportunities” created by TheTake's interactive experiences and metadata. 



Telly, launched last year, offers consumers free smart TVs, with a second screen that features always-on ads (shown above), in return for letting Telly collect an extremely wide range of data, including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, age, dates of birth, zip codes, gender, ethnicity, geolocation, “cultural or social identifiers” (like favored sports teams and leisure activities), physical audio and video content watched, channels viewed, duration of viewing sessions, search queries, settings preferences, apps opened, purchases and other transactions made, buttons selected, and time/frequency/duration of activities.

Telly households will now be able to engage with both streaming and linear programming through a suite of hyper-contextual, interactive features underpinned by TheTake and delivered through Telly's built-in second smart screen.

“Unencumbered by legacy agreements that block most other TV manufacturers from using automatic content recognition across certain forms of content, Telly is uniquely positioned to make TheTake's technology available on any and all content consumed on screen,” declares TheTake.

Telly is “turning the biggest screen in the home into the most powerful retail channel since the internet,” said CEO and founder Ilya Pozin. “By providing advertisers with a dedicated and persistent second screen to enable consumers to instantly purchase what they see on the television without disrupting the content they are viewing, we are delivering an entirely new shopping experience unlike anything that has ever before been available in the living room."

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