Disney Clean Room Adds AWS, Google Cloud Services

Disney has added Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud to the cloud services that are interoperable with its clean room. 

The update expands the scale and support available for ad campaigns fueled by first-party data, and enables advertisers that natively host their data with AWS clean rooms or BigQuery to activate within Disney’s clean room in a privacy-focused manner, according to Disney. 

Disney’s clean room activates against a decade’s worth of proprietary first-party data. 

Separately, Disney and Habu have introduced a dedicated portal designed to simplify the way clients stand up a clean room and enable more brands and advertisers to run campaigns within Disney’s clean room directly. 



Disney Portal features a template that enables an easily reproduced workflow for activation using first- and third-party data.

Disney said the portal is the first step toward a self-service clean room. 

Two years after its 2021 launch, more than 140 brands are clients of Disney’s clean room, with 570% growth in the number of brands activating during fiscal 2023, and commitments from all major media holding companies, according to the company. 

With use cases ranging from buying, planning and measurement across major categories including automotive, CPG, beverages and finance, the clean room has produced more than 2,000 reports.

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