• Critical Mass Or Critical Mess?
    Just as your Amazon Gold Box is full of stuff you'd never buy, most Web sites you visit are full of annoying ads you'll never respond to. Advertisers are reaching audiences, no doubt, but not necessarily the best targets for their products. The inability to control where ads appear or predict the content of the publisher's Web site is equally alarming. How do you find the best target audience for your online ads without going bankrupt? And how do you reach that audience without bothering anyone else?
  • GooglePages - Can Google's Brand Sell Your Products Better Than Yours?
    his year, Google ranked number one in a survey of brand professionals. These folks estimated that the Google brand had the most influence worldwide - more than Apple, Toyota, or any other. Now Honda is demonstrating the potential impact of that lead position by headlining its own site with the Google brand. Go ahead, search for "Honda Used Cars" on Google. You will see a geographically targeted mash-up of a local map with pins on it representing available cars in your area, paired with a list of those cars.
  • Online And Offline Messages Need To Work Together
    Yesterday on Marketing Pilgrim, Paul Bennett described an Online Search Behaviour Study that found that 67% of searchers were driven by offline channels, and 39% of those will go on to make a purchase. When I've been in that 67%, I've found that sometimes companies do NOT coordinate their online and offline messages. Take the saga of the baby present...
  • You Can't Teach Speed
    My professional life is spent straddled between online-centric publishing ventures and the well-groomed hallways of traditional publishing organizations. The differences between the two are as noticeable as an orange cone for those driving through. And yet the residents of either side treat these stark differences as nuances -- as if neither can stand to look long enough at the other to learn from one another.
  • Service-Oriented Advertising Gets Attention
    If advertisers deliver value through the ads</ >, then consumers have a motivation to pay attention. The trick is to make sure the giveaway is intricately linked to the product or service.
  • One Lovely BlackBerry Ad Equals One Lousy Web Experience
    Browsing engadget.com, I saw a lovely, new, multimedia ad for the BlackBerry Pearl. Beautiful phone, compelling ad, lavish splash page. It is now my poster child for lousy advertising on the Web. Here's why.
  • Organizing The Clutter
    Nielsen and comScore's recent introduction of new forms of Web site measurement to their products has spurred many in advertising and marketing to debate just how to measure Web sites, their mostly impression-based business models and consumer engagement. There's no doubt the new standard measurements are steps in the right direction for Web properties -- but why is this the only media channel seeing this type of ongoing progress?
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