• 'New Republic' Publisher On Leave Following Harassment Claims
    Another week, another highbrow publisher brought low by sex harassment claims. This week's entrant is Hamilton Fish V, the publisher of 'The New Republic.' He is taking a temporary leave as the publication investigates sexual harassment claims brought against Fish by multiple current and former female employees of the liberal magazine.
  • 'Artforum' Co-Publisher Resigns After Harassment Claims
    In the latest (incredibly creepy and hair-raising) case, Knight Landesman, 67, one of four co-publishers of Artforum magazine and a "titan in the art advertising world," per the New York Daily News, stands accused of sexual harassment, intimidation, and other abuses.
  • 'Magnolia Journal' To Raise Rate Base
    New print magazine titles that manage to grab readers' imagination can still thrive, even in a challenging media environment, as illustrated by the success of The Magnolia Journal - the quarterly home, craft and lifestyle magazine created around the brand founded by Joanna and Chip Gaines.
  • After Harassment Accusations Against Leon Wieselteir, 'Idea' Mag Folds
    Leon Wieseltier, the high-profile former editor of 'The New Republic,' was to have edited the high-concept literary magazine, backed by philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs, through her Emerson Collective.
  • 'Dancing With Her,' First Lesbian Bridal Mag, Launches
    An Australian publisher is launching what it claims is the world's first bridal magazine targeting lesbian couples. The title ticks off all the must-haves of the bridal category, including lush photography of bridal gowns and clothing for the wedding party, destination weddings, themed weddings and inspirational stories of lesbian couples who wed.
  • Facebook 'Explore' Test Could Downgrade Publisher Content
    Facebook launched Explore as a way of exposing users to content from sources outside their usual social-media context. By definition, it includes things users haven't already expressed interest in. That's not an ideal storefront for publishers or content creators, especially considering it is a separate tab users must choose to open.
  • Weather.com Highlights Puerto Rico Crisis
    One month after the devastating storm swept over the American territory in the Caribbean, Weather.com, the Web portal of The Weather Channel, took the unusual step of devoting all its editorial resources to highlighting the lingering effects of Maria on the island.
  • Facebook Tests Online Subs, Paywalls
    As promised, Facebook has begun testing a new system that will allow publishers to sell subscriptions and enforce their paywalls in coordination with the network, extending an olive branch to publishers that have seen their audiences fluctuate and displeased by poor monetization on its platform.
  • ASNE No Longer Tracks Newsroom Head Counts
    The last decade has seen a steady erosion in the number of media industry benchmark reports - at least those made publicly available to trade reporters and bloggers. The effect of the decision is to get rid of one of the few indicators of the health of the news media.
  • Utah State Politician: 'Cosmo' Is Porn
    Utah has an office for a state "porn czar." One politician has taken the porn definition to an extreme -- adding a mainstream women's magazine. That's despite the fact the magazine has never featured, you know, actual nudity.
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