• Larry Flynt Offers $10M For Dirt To Impeach Trump
    The hardcore porn impresario is offering $10 million to anyone who can provide information about President Trump damaging enough to get him impeached. And no, it's not a joke.
  • Newspapers' Digital Circ Revenues Growing Fast Globally
    As more newspapers establish pay walls and sell online subscriptions, they are powering double-digit growth in digital circ revenues. Total digital circulation revenues soared 300% from 2012-2016.
  • Time Inc., Google Launch Native Video Ad Unit
    The publisher and technology giant are joining forces to launch a new proprietary video advertising unit, Adapt Video, to meet growing demand for digital video advertising integrated with video or text content.
  • 'Medium' Opens Partner Program To All Publishers
    The Partner Program has already signed up a number of big publishers, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone, as well as scores of pure-play digital publishers. The new phase began with invitations to a relatively small number of publishers and authors that aren't already in the Partner Program, with more to come.
  • 'New York' Spiked Weinstein Story, But 'New Yorker' Goes For Blood
    As more women came forward with their own stories and Harvey Weinstein was fired by his own production company, the scandal shovel passed to 'The New Yorker,' which dug up even more mud over the weekend. An article by Ronan Farrow cites sources who claim that Weinstein raped at least three women.
  • Flipboard Bows Self-Service Publisher Program, Rewards Faster Ads
    The new self-service tools are intended to make it easier for publishers to join Flipboard, surface their content for potential followers on social media and create a channel to drive traffic to their own sites.
  • Weinstein Vows To Sue 'NYT' Over Harassment Claims
    Defamation and libel lawsuits seem to be the trendy way to hit back against unfavorable coverage for celebrities and politicians alike, hoping to cast doubt on salacious reports about their own peccadillos. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is planning to sue 'The New York Times' for publishing an expose claiming to unearth a long history of sexual harassment, allegedly hushed up with payments to multiple victims.
  • Facebook Offers Users More Info On Publishers
    Still on the defensive over fake news, Facebook is working to burnish its civic reputation with more measures intended to help users distinguish between trustworthy content and more dubious fare.
  • 'NYT' Offers Google Home With Subs, 'Atlantic' Bows Memberships
    Big publishers are looking for new ways to entice readers into becoming subscribers, as well as capitalize on the loyalty of their existing audience.
  • Don't Look Now, But Some Newspapers Are Breaking Even
    Newspaper watchers were pleasantly surprised when the Daily Mail and General Trust, the British publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, announced total revenues were up 1%. The real good news tucked inside the announcement: Digital advertising revenues were up 22% or GBP19 million, more than offset the decline in print, down 11% or GBP15 million.
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